Southern Mom Loves: Ross Dress Haul Share

Ross Dress Haul Share

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just thought I'd point out that I am not affiliated with Ross stores in any way and was not paid to shop or write. I just fell in love. It happens.

Ross Two Dresses Share

Some of you may be incredulous, but I've never shopped at Ross. I know! I've been missing out!

I went to drop my daughter off at school and one of the ladies who helps the younger kids out of the cars was wearing the most fabulous summer dress! I needed that dress, I didn't care if we ended up twinkie twins at some school function, I loved it so much. It was a maxi, V-neck, short kimono-sleeved, white with super-thin-red stripes, with thin blue stripes toward the bottom, and it had a great back closure detail. Hard to describe, but it was really cute, trust me. She told me she got it at Ross for $12!

I went home, changed out of my PJs (yes, I take my kids to school in pajamas. what.) and spent 2 glorious hours there. I am a dress girl. It was like my holy place.

They had some awesome designer dresses from Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, & Lucky brand to name a few, and also a lot of little labels with big style. (There were also some awful ones, so you have to sift through.) I told myself I could pick 2 to wear on our summer vacation and I stuck to it. Here are my picks as modeled by the lovely Betty as I don't have anyone here today to take pics of me. They do look better on a human with arms, but this is just a show and tell.

Black and White-striped Maxi Tank dress with waist detail: I love this for the bold, graphic stripe and the detail at the waist. I've seen this type of reverse pin-tucking of stripes used to great effect in dresses, but I've never seen it done in such an interesting, asymmetric way. They've allowed for the stripe fall into diagonal at the skirt and hemmed it accordingly. It would work dressed up or down. I'll wear it with a bright cardigan and sandals. $19.99
striped dress

striped dress detail

Navy and White Kimono-sleeved Maxi: I am a sucker for any type of Asian or Nordic print. I just am. This lends itself to a bohemian look, but because it's only 2 low-key colors, it doesn't really get the happy hippie vibe. This would be great to throw over a swimsuit. If you're not comfortable with the low v-neck, layer it with a white tank top. I'll wear this with my tan laser-cut sandals and a ton of shiny bracelets. $9.99
print dress

print dress detail

These are just the 2 I picked out, but there were a ton of cute dresses in all styles, colors, and lengths. Just thought I'd share and if you need some adorable new dresses for summer, Ross is a great place to look.

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