Southern Mom Loves: Pimsleur Approach Spanish I Gold Edition Review

Pimsleur Approach Spanish I Gold Edition Review

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I received a free audio course in exchange for writing an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I have always wanted to learn another language, and I've tried many times with many different languages. I took Spanish and German in High School, my father speaks fluent French and has tried to teach me, I've been immersed in China...I just thought I was one of those people that wasn't good with languages.

I know a few words in a lot of languages, but not enough to communicate anything useful. I was hopeful because I've heard of the Pimsleur Method, so I decided to give it a go.
From Amazon:

Pimsleur Spanish Level 1 (Comprehensive 1) Spanish CDs are the easiest & fastest way to learn the Spanish language.

• Highly effective, 100% audio-based Spanish course
• Based on Dr. Pimsleur's famous research. Learn the Spanish language simply by listening & speaking
• Perfect for travelers, business executives, students & anyone who wants to truly converse
• No reading, writing, memorization
• Just 30-minutes/day!
• Easily download to MP3
• No software (unlike Rosetta Stone & Fluenz)

Learn Spanish with an audio-only approach unlike any other available. Its scientific system allows you to learn Spanish language material after just one listen!

From beginner Spanish to a basic intermediate level in thirty, 30-minute Pimsleur Spanish lessons - 16 hours of real-life speaking sessions on 16 Spanish language learning audio CDs.

• Initiate & hold real conversations
• Handle everyday situations - ask for information, directions, & give basic information about yourself
• Participate in casual conversations
• Avoid basic cultural errors & handle travel requirements
• Establish rapport with strangers in foreign countries
• Begin sounding out words with native-like pronunciation

About Dr. Pimsleur: Dr. Paul Pimsleur was a legendary linguist at universities around the world. His world-famous, scientifically-proven Pimsleur method has helped millions of people learn Spanish quickly & easily. Featured on PBS - Purchased by the FBI.


The course arrived in a lovely, embossed box that can be inserted onto a bookshelf to look like a book.

The inside of the box is also embossed with maps and the Pimsleur Method story.

Inside, there is a pamphlet detailing how to get your course booklets online, and 2 folios containing 16 discs with 30 audio lessons and a disc of reading lessons.

When I started the course, it was pretty basic stuff, but it quickly progresses to add more and more material as the lessons go on. I was a little intimidated by lesson 4, but that's where the Pimsleur method comes in: You're never left hanging, wondering if you're going to remember what you've learned by tomorrow's lesson; All of the previous lessons are also incorporated into the new lessons and you're reminded and prompted to recall, and asked questions that force your mind to put together previous and current lessons.

I WISH I HAD THIS COURSE IN HIGH SCHOOL! I just finished lesson 11 and I already know more Spanish than I learned in school! I have NEVER retained this much of a language!

So, this is my honest review: I have tried but never been able to retain a language. I can pick up random words, but if asked to string them together, I wouldn't know how...but I'm retaining this Spanish course and I am amazed! The Pimsleur method really works! If you're like me, and never thought you could learn, you should try this course.

You can find it on Amazon here.

This would be great for homeschoolers too, or just to keep your kid's brains active over the summer. It is conversational in nature and teaches what you would actually need to learn if you were to visit that country, such as 'Where is the bathroom?' and 'How much does it cost?'  It also includes little bits of info about what real-world speakers would and wouldn't say, or how they would say it; not like a classroom course where you're taught lists of animals and colors. Super-useful, I highly recommend it!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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