Southern Mom Loves: Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown {Review}

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown {Review}

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I received a free costume from in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown

My daughter is a huge lover of dress-up. I started out buying cheap dress-up costumes in a trunk, but these were quickly shredded; the quality was terrible. I made a few for her from scratch including Tinkerbell's leaf dress and Belle's gold ball gown. While these projects turned out wonderfully, they each took ages to draft the pattern, find the right fabrics, cut, and sew together. After all of that, they were quickly outgrown. With the sheer amount of requests from my daughter for different costumes, this wasn't going to happen every time a new princess emerged!

When we were given the opportunity to review Anna's Coronation Gown from, my daughter was so excited! She is a huge fan of Disney's Frozen and loves Anna (Mom, it's Ah-na!), AND she would get to run around like a mad-girl in a beautiful new costume!

If you're a fan of the movie, check out the Frozen’s Summer Celebration at Disney's Hollywood Studios! It looks like so much fun!

We reviewed the Disney's Frozen Anna Coronation Gown Deluxe Child Costume. After ordering, it arrived quickly, packaged in a hanging bag just like you would find if you were costume-shopping in a store. I love these bags because I keep all of our costumes forever and ever and these bags are great for storing them.

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown package

I was delighted when I unpacked it! The detail was amazing! It looked just like Anna's Coronation Gown from the movie and included an official Disney character cameo on the bodice. The sleeve detail was wonderful and I loved the length. It also included a separate netted underskirt to help puff out the skirt of the costume.

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown unpacked

The outer skirt of the costume was made with a sturdy, sheer Organza, not just a cheap netting, which will stand up to a lot of abuse. It's pretty stiff, which helps the skirt stand out.

Pro costume tip: Costumes come folded, and to get the look you're going for, they have to be steamed to remove the wrinkles.
  1. Fill your iron's reservoir with water and pre-heat it to the hottest steam level.
  2. Holding the iron 1"-2" away from the fabric, let out a steady blast of steam and move to the next area while straightening and smoothing the previous area with your other hand. Be careful not to get your hand directly under the steam and DO NOT EVER TOUCH THE IRON TO THE FABRIC! It will melt and scorch, which is way worse than wrinkled! The Organza will release its wrinkles and puff up beautifully.
  3. Hang to dry.

We ordered a M (7-8) and it fit my daughter perfectly; she wears a 7 in children's clothing. Look at that detail!

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown close-up

And the trim on the sleeves is the perfect touch.

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown sleeve detail

I gave her an official Anna hairstyle and let her loose. Cuteness ensued!

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown dancing

Man! Sometimes I just can't take all the adorable! She is in love with this dress and wore it the rest of the day.

Disney Frozen Costume: Anna's Coronation Gown

I highly recommend The quality was fantastic and the selection was so big, it was hard to choose just one!

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