Southern Mom Loves: 'Keep Your Cool For Back To School': Order Out Of Chaos Sponsor Spotlight {Review}

'Keep Your Cool For Back To School': Order Out Of Chaos Sponsor Spotlight {Review}

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This is a sponsored post.

The 'Keep Your Cool For Back To School' Event is coming August 1st; There will be a big prize package filled with products to help you get Back To School without breaking a sweat! It will also contain a surprise with an ARV of $345!

Our first Sponsor Spotlight is on Order Out Of Chaos, a company started by Leslie Josel to help the chronically disorganized become organized.

Leslie Josel launched Order Out of Chaos in 2004 after her son was diagnosed with ADHD, Executive Dysfunction and other learning differences. Originally focusing her practice on working with the chronically disorganized (ADHD, students with learning challenges, hoarding behaviors); she expanded her business in 2008 to include relocation and downsizing services. 
Leslie is a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She received her CD and Hoarding Specialist certificates from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). Leslie is also a graduate of the JST Coach Training Program for teens and college students with ADHD. 
In the fall of 2011, she launched her first product, an Academic Planner, as a tool to teach time management to middle and high school students. The planner, awarded glowing reviews by many media outlets including Family Circle and ADDitude magazines, is available through Order Out of Chaos’ website, and retail stores nationwide. She is currently partnering with a calendar company to expand her product line for college and elementary school students.

I was sent the 2014-2015 Academic Planner – A Tool for Time Management.

This planner gives students a natural way to visualize time in order to master it!

Why it works:
  1. It’s Easy. Assignments, due dates and after-school activities can be seen at a glance.
  2. It’s Functional. Homework and studying are easily scheduled during “available” times.
  3. It Puts the Student in Control. Students can plan time for schoolwork around after-school activities without leaving things until the last minute.
Special Features:
  • A customizable index page at the front of the planner enables students to record their class subjects (7 subject boxes) only once. Eliminates forgetfulness and frustration.
  • Weekly planner pages line up on a subject-by-subject basis, creating an easy method for students to record and review their weekly schedules.
  • Days of the week are listed horizontally across the planner, allowing students to quickly see assignments and due dates and creating continuity that is critical to developing time management skills.
  • Includes space to enter after-school activities and weekend commitments, allowing students to PLAN their weekly workload.
  • The unique grid system quickly reveals both scheduled and available blocks of time, facilitating weekly time management and planning strategies.
  • Larger size pages (7” x 11” interior pages) allow for more room to write assignments and appointments.
  • Handy vinyl back pocket holds notes, slips and other necessary papers.
  • Three-hole punching allows for easy placement in binders.
  • NEW FEATURE! Durable vinyl covers and sturdy spiral binding stands up to students’ school bags and lockers.
  • Based on a school calendar (August to July).

My son has always had trouble staying organized when it comes to schoolwork and homework. He is intellectually gifted but lacks organizational skills, and now that he's entering a tough Academic High School, I'm afraid that he might fall behind. I was excited to try Leslie's Academic Planner, and I hope that it will be a way for my son to learn to visualize his time in order to manage it. 

The planner comes in 4 design choices (Blue Kaleidosco​pe, White Out, Orange Crush, & Green Plaid) and we chose the Orange Crush.

I love the way it's laid out and it even has a set of pages to show you how to best utilize the planner.

There is plenty of room for writing assignments and it has a tough cover to stand up to book bag wear.

And I love that it has a pocket in the back for any printouts or slips of paper he may collect for assignments.

With Leslie's experience working with people at every level of disorganization, and also with her own son's organizational difficulties, I have every confidence that this is the best possible Academic Planner for kids to learn to organize their school and after-school workload.

Order Out Of Chaos has been generous enough to Sponsor a 2014-2015 Academic Planner in the 'Keep Your Cool For Back To School' Event! The winner will choose their favorite design!

You can find the 2014-2015 Academic Planner, and also information on their organization services on the Website.

You can also find Order Out Of Chaos on the following social media:

Keep a lookout for the 'Keep Your Cool For Back To School' Event to go live on August 1st!

I received products in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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