Southern Mom Loves: Will Mabel's Labels Survive The Dishwasher Test? {Review}

Will Mabel's Labels Survive The Dishwasher Test? {Review}

Thursday, July 17, 2014

*This post contains affiliate links. I was provided a sample pack of labels for an honest blog review. All opinions are my own.

I got the chance to review a book of Mabel's Labels personalized Sticky Labels, and I was pretty excited. If you have kids, then you know everything that goes to school needs to have your child's name on it. We have a long last name, and it is such a pain to write it over and over on every little thing. When my daughter started Kindergarten, the teacher even requested that we write our child's name on each fat crayon in the pack and each glue stick, etc.. I get the logic behind this, but sheesh! I'll just buy extra crayons, thanks. So this year it's going to be different.

I was surprised to see that they claim to be dishwasher-proof. Since we pack our kid's lunches, I was intrigued. If a Sharpie permanent marker won't stand up to the dishwasher...will a label?

About the Personalized Sticky Labels:
Mabel's Labels personalized Sticky Labels for kids are a durable, waterproof way to identify lunch containers, bottles, toys, sports equipment and much more. With these personalized name labels, you can keep track of your kids’ easy to lose items. Customize these labels with a choice of fun designs and make your belongings uniquely yours. 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • UV resistant
  • Peel and stick
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

They offer 3 Solids palettes or 40+ multicolor designs. For these particular labels, I chose the Multicolor because of course, I have a little girl who loves girly things! Ordering was super-easy; I input my child's name, chose Multicolor, picked out a design theme (flowers), and their Design Builder showed me exactly what my labels would look like. I added them to my cart and I was all done!

My daughter is in the Blogger Protection Program ;)

They arrived and were cute as a button! The book I received contained 45 labels; Plenty for the start of the school year.

They peeled off easily and were a thick vinyl material. No cheap labels here.

We haven't gone out to buy our new school supplies yet, so I'm going to test it on one of my daughter's thermoses from last year and run it through a dishwasher cycle.

I ran it through a hot Pots & Pans wash cycle to see if it was truly dishwasher safe...

And it is! There are no wet spots where the paper is wet beneath a clear topcoat, no peeling in the heat, it wasn't slipping around in melted glue on the hot bottle, nothing. TOTALLY PASSED A+.

They offer a ton of different types and sizes of labels and tags for any use, including Allergy Alerts and 411 Wristbands, and are pretty affordable. 

They also offer an easy Fundraiser Program that can help you earn money for your school, daycare, or sports team. You can find Fundraising Ideas or learn more and sign up here.

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