Southern Mom Loves: How To Design Your Own Custom Shirts from CustomInk

How To Design Your Own Custom Shirts from CustomInk

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

If you have ever thought about getting shirts printed for your business, team, or fraternity, it couldn't be easier with CustomInk. Even if you don't have a logo, they supply a ton of artwork, 100s of cool fonts, and even sports names and numbers. I'll walk you through designing your own custom shirt step-by-step.

1. Go to CustomInk and hover your pointer over "Design Lab", then Click "Start Designing".

2. That will open up their Design Lab software on a generic shirt. If you'd like your shirts like this, then skip the next step, but I'd like a ladies cut in a different color.

3. On the top-left, click on "Swap Item". If you'd like to choose a different brand or cut of shirt, choose "Switch to a different product", I chose "LADIES & JUNIORS", and then chose this Hanes Ladies V-neck tee in a Light Blue from a list of different brands and cuts.

4. Once I've chosen my shirt and color, I can add a text box or artwork from their library, or upload my own artwork. I uploaded my blog logo.

5. From here, you can resize or flip your art. Make sure if your logo is large and centered to click on "Move To Center" to make sure it's printed dead-center.

6. Then click on the red "Rotate" button to design the back. I uploaded my avatar and added a text box for my web address. You can choose from hundreds of cool fonts, change the size, and even shape your text or add an outline.

There! You've designed your very own T-shirt! Congrats! Don't forget to click "Save/Send" to save your artwork and have a link emailed to you.

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