Southern Mom Loves: Remember Pound Puppies? They're Back! {Review}

Remember Pound Puppies? They're Back! {Review}

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I received a Pound Puppies Beagle in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you remember Pound Puppies?! I do, vividly. I remember the song from the commercial, and even watching the cartoon! I loved my Pound Puppy and now they're back for a whole new generation.

If you don't remember Pound Puppies (where were you?!), they were "Huggable, Lovable" puppies that needed a home. They came with adoption certificates and you could name your puppy and give him a home. The new Pound Puppies are just as great as the originals with a few improvements!

From the Funrise Pound Puppies Website:

Pound Puppies are back and cuter than ever! Rescue these lovable puppies and give them a new home! The all-new Pound Puppy plush dogs are available in 6” and 12” sizes. Both plush sizes include a breed specific fun fact card and a heart shaped dog tag. Write your puppy’s name on the tag and register your puppy online at to get your very own printable adoption certificate. There are lots of Pound Puppies available for adoption just waiting for a new home! Choose from a Beagle, Labrador, Bulldog and Poodle. Each sold separately.

I received the 12" Beagle for review and found it to be just as cute as the originals, but with a difference. They now make Pound Puppies in specific breeds instead of generic, so if your child has a favorite, they can choose the breed they like best. They are soft and cuddly with droopy ears and sad eyes that are just begging for a hug.

They come with a breed card that tells them the characteristics of the breed they've chosen.

They come packaging that is their own little doghouse, which you can keep as a doggie bed for your Pound Puppy.

It even has a cut-out for your puppy's tail, and of course authentic Pound Puppies come with an embroidered "PP" heart near their tails.

They also come with a tag (I seem to remember the originals came with one too) so that once you name your new friend, you can personalize their tag too.

One of the biggest differences is that now you register your Pound Puppy online instead of filling out a paper certificate. You can then print it out and display it proudly! Their website also offers bonuses like Coloring Pages and Fun Facts.

I loved Pound Puppies as a kid, and I'm so glad they're back for our kids too. 

What I love most: that it encourages children to think empathetically. It reminds them that there are animals in need of rescue, and that they can be the ones to make another happy just by loving them. 

Pound Puppies are currently available in Beagle, Poodle, Labrador and Bulldog. You can find them all in the online shop or in a store near you!

Do you remember Pound Puppies? Did you have one of your own?

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