Southern Mom Loves: The Teddy Tank is a Teddy Bear and Fish Tank All In One! {Review} #TanksofThanks

The Teddy Tank is a Teddy Bear and Fish Tank All In One! {Review} #TanksofThanks

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I received a free Teddy Tank in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Have you seen Teddy Tanks yet? They're adorable plush stuffed animals with a real fish tank in their belly! No worries, if you don't want to use it to hold a fish, your kids can use it to keep their most precious treasures in. They come in an array of adorable animals; I chose the Magical Unicorn to review. Keep reading to find out all about it!

About Teddy Tanks: 
Teddy Tank Technology's goal is to bring Teddy Tank to life. Teddy Tank creates a comforting feeling of friendship and security through the soothing plush animal and fish tank. Our interactive product allows your child to feed, dress and talk to their furry friend. Founder, Spencer Grabois, was a Pre-Med undergrad at the University of Florida, when he founded Teddy Tank Technology, LLC. While hospitalized during his junior year of college, the passionate twenty-two year old entrepreneur received several teddy bears and when he went home he rested near his fish tank with his teddy bears comforting him. The comfort of those bears and his pets inspired him to create and develop the Teddy Tank concept...Teddy Tank Technology LLC believes in providing life and comfort through the patent pending, trademarked design found in the Teddy Tank.

I chose the adorable (and very pink!) Magical Unicorn Teddy Tank to review from their huge selection of animals.

They carry the animals pictured above, along with a few "web-exclusive" animals that can only be found in the Teddy Tanks online shop.

The coolest feature of these stuffed animals, and what makes them unique and cool, is that they have a real fish tank in their tummies! Perfect for a Beta, Goldfish, or another small fish that doesn't require a pump, the Teddy Tank features a hole in the back for oxygen circulation, and a hole through the mouth for feeding time. I think this idea is so cute! As you feed your teddy, you're feeding your fish too. This is a cute spin that I think kids will enjoy the most.

The Teddy Tank comes with cute bows on velcro that can be attached near the ears, or under the chin.

If you're wondering how in the world to fill and clean a fish tank that is inside of a stuffed animal, there are instructions showing you exactly how to do that.

I went through them myself to show you just how easy it is. The fish tank is easily removed from the body. Just fill it with decor, water to about 3/4 up the tank, and a fish as you would normally would. Then lay the tank on top of the stuffed body and slide it up over the tank. There is elastic inside of the neck that fits right over the lip of the tank! Easy-peasy!

If you don't feel comfortable with your child caring for a fish just yet, that's fine. The Teddy Tank can hold anything! Your child will have so much fun feeding them things and can carry their treasures with them in their own fluffy friend.

The Teddy Tank retails for $19.99 and can be found on the Teddy Tanks Website. They would make great holiday gifts for all of the kids in your life. If you're planning on buying multiple Teddy Tanks, good news! The flat rate shipping means that you pay one low shipping charge for all of your Teddy Tanks!

UPDATE: Teddy Tanks just started a new campaign called Tanks of Thanks - for every #TanksofThanks hashtag that is tweeted, Telebrands will make a donation to their local hunger-relief charity, the Food Bank of South Jersey. If they can get up to 100 tweets, Telebrands will be able to feed nearly 90 families in need this holiday season! You can help feed a family with just a tweet! You can use the tweet button below, and just add in the hashtag #TanksofThanks and you've done it!

Teddy Tank is also active on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Teddy Tanks has been very generous in offering to give one lucky reader the Teddy Tank of their choice! Look for that giveaway soon!

If you don't want to wait, you can buy your Teddy Tanks now!

What's your favorite Teddy Tank?

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