Southern Mom Loves: Keep Your Deliveries Safe with an Elephantrunk Parcel Drop

Keep Your Deliveries Safe with an Elephantrunk Parcel Drop

Friday, January 2, 2015

I received an Elephantrunk Parcel Drop from Architectural Mailboxes in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Have you ever worried about packages being left at your door? Maybe you work during the day and have to wait until the evening to retrieve them? If you like to shop online, or have packages delivered frequently, I've got a great product for you. The Elephantrunk is your very own secure parcel drop.

About the Elephantrunk Parcel Drop by Architectural Mailboxes:

The elephantrunk parcel drop is the best solution for parcel deliveries. The elephantrunk™ is always home even when you're not, providing you with peace of mind that your parcel deliveries are no longer missed or go missing. This full service receptacle can receive multiple parcels, has an outgoing partition for your outbound shipments and a vacation stopper for when you don't want to receive parcels. Its sturdy design is made from cast aluminum and heavy gauge steel powder coated in four decorator friendly colors, black, red, white and oil rubbed bronze to match most environments. It embodies a variety of architectural styles and adds a splash of curb appeal.

The Elephantrunk comes in 4 decorator colors; I received the Oil-rubbed Bronze for review. It came in a rather large box, and while it's sturdy, it wasn't too heavy for me to unpack and set up by myself.

The Oil-rubbed Bronze features brushed nickel-colored hardware. I love the color combination, and think the shape will fit with so many architectural styles. 

The big thing about this parcel drop is the rotating drum feature, just like in a USPS drop box. That makes sure that no one can reach inside to retrieve your packages. 

They went a little further in functionality by engineering a partition that you can insert inside the drum to keep a package from dropping, enabling you to use this for outgoing packages too. Just insert the partition, leave your package, and the mail-carrier can pick it up from inside your parcel drop slot door. You won't have to leave your packages out on the porch, or drop them off at a facility.

Your Elephantrunk also includes a placard with mounting screws. You can write the location of your Elephantrunk on it (side porch, back porch) and mount this above your front doorbell. That way, whoever delivers your packages that day will know where to leave them.

The retrieval door has a pry-resistant 3-point lock system and comes with 2 keys. If you were thinking a thief could just take the whole thing: Nope. It bolts to the ground from the inside, so your parcel drop is secure.

There is even a thick foam slab inside the drop box so your fragile packages are protected too!

Another great feature is the "No Deliveries" indicator; A yellow flag that comes down over the drop slot that keeps it from being opened. If you're going on vacation and don't want your packages piling up, you can use this to prevent deliveries until you return.

Overall, I think the Elephantrunk is a fabulous idea. As a blogger, I get deliveries almost daily, and I can't always wait around for them. It's also a little conspicuous sometimes that USPS, FedEx, and UPS will all stop at my house during the day. Now those packages aren't a temptation; They're secure inside a well-made parcel drop.

It also looks fabulous. We have a Victorian-era country home and the Oil-rubbed Bronze finish fits right in, as does the shape and styling. It's pretty universally flattering, and I could see this on the porch of any style home, from a Georgian to a Mid-century Modern, and everything in between. Add to that the color choices, and you'll definitely find one you love.

You can find the Elephantrunk Parcel Drop on the Architectural Mailboxes website along with other seriously fabulous mailboxes and some beautiful solid brass forged House Numbers in a variety of finishes.

You can find Architectural Mailboxes' products at Home depot, Lowe's, Target, Amazon, Bellacor, and so many other outlets. Find a dealer near you here, or order online.

Architectural Mailboxes is also active on social media; Stop by with any questions, or just to say "Hi." Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.

Do you get a lot of deliveries? Could you use a secure parcel drop at your home?

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