Southern Mom Loves: Speaker Creatures are the Most Adorable Shower Speakers I've Ever Seen!!!

Speaker Creatures are the Most Adorable Shower Speakers I've Ever Seen!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

I received a Speaker Creature from OnHand in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Who's an adorable octopus? YOU ARE! <ahem> I mean...pretty cute, huh? 

The Speaker Creatures from OnHand are just about the cutest electronics I've ever come across. They're bluetooth shower speakers that come in sweet designs like an Octopus, Snail, and Turtle, and in three color choices to match any bathroom color scheme. With names like Ozzy, Beyonce, and Biggie Snails, you're sure to find your perfect musical match.

About OnHand:

"OnHand designs, produces, and distributes tech accessories for students. 
As a student have you ever lost a flash drive? Forgotten it at home or in your desk? Left one in a public computer? All the sudden all of your work is missing when you need it most. In 2010 the founder of OnHand created a product with a solution to these problems… a flash drive wristband to help students keep track of their digital information.

Today, nearly 4 years later, OnHand's growing success comes as a result of students. Students who demand tech accessories that fit their increasingly mobile lifestyles. OnHand has kept one ear to the group in order to design, produce,and distribute tech accessories that match students' needs."

I was sent the "Ringo" Green Octopus Shower Speaker to try out. He's fairly small and light, with a big suction cup to hold him to your shower wall.

Besides the cute factor, I like that he's got a good amount of speaker area over the top of his head. His sleepy eyes pull down to reveal an on/off switch and a Micro USB port for charging. The package includes a USB to Micro USB cable and an instruction sheet as well. 

He was easy to pair with our iPod Touch, and will sync to any device with bluetooth capabilities. The sound was good, and the controls were easy to use.

The big test was it's staying power, and he passed with flying colors! He adhered to our shower wall (make sure you wet the suction cup first), and wouldn't let go until I broke the seal.

A great buy for any tween/teen/college student; They're the perfect stocking stuffer! If they listen to music, they'll love these unique speakers. They're completely waterproof, but you can actually use them anywhere. They'd be just as cute sitting on a desk!

OnHand is also active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & YouTube. Stop by and say "Hi!"

Which is your favorite Speaker Creature? Is there someone in your life that would love one?

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