Southern Mom Loves: I Hereby Dub This Month "Self-Tanuary" {Thermalabs Glow2Go Review}

I Hereby Dub This Month "Self-Tanuary" {Thermalabs Glow2Go Review}

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I received a box of Glow2Go from Thermalabs in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Guys! I miss summer. Anybody else with me on this? Long days. Sundresses. Lush green. Warm wind. Going to the beach. Swimming. Laying out in the sun. The smell of tanning oil. Picnics. Barbecues. Nature walks. Fireflies. The sound of crickets. *sigh* This has been the longest winter ever (she says every winter.)

And every winter, I miss my tan. It fades slowly, and by January, there's nothing left. It's around this time every year that I try a new self-tan, so I hereby dub this month "Self-Tanuary". 

Some are great, and some are horrific, and it seems like every time I find a great one, it's discontinued by the next winter. Well, I just found an awesome one, and since it's a #1 Bestseller on Amazon, I'm pretty sure it's going to be sticking around.

I was offered the chance to try a new self-tanner called Glow2Go from Thermalabs. They're self-tanning towelettes that promise a golden glow (not an orange rind), easy application, and streak-free results. Thermalabs has a great reputation, and since Glow2Go is a Bestseller, I was excited to give them a try. 

They're only available on Amazon right now, so I'll link throughout to that listing if you want to check them out there.

About Glow2Go:

Get ready to glow! GLOW2GO is America's brand new INNOVATIVE and most talked about self tanning product.

This hip super saver pack contains 20 (YES TWENTY!) individually wrapped half-body premium towelettes which are perfect for self-tan at home or on the go. Other products give you one big body towel which dries before you finish! Never again: use one towel for your lower body and one for the top!  
Our special box will also help you with storage! This box comes with a special 'press to open' area that will allow pulling one towel at a time - WITHOUT opening the entire box! Keep it in your closet under other products and stay organized. Yes, we think about EVERYTHING!  
Each wipe is concentrated with our innovative tan formula that will produce: 
• Quick
• Even
• Streak Free
• Natural Looking Tan
• In less then 4 hours!
• You'll Be Amazed!

Prepare to look sexy and attractive anywhere, anytime! Use our towelettes at home or take them on the road. It's SO easy!  
We will also email you our best selling guide "Self Tan Secrets", researched and written by Thermalabs formula technicians. This 50 page guide reveals all the facts and secrets you need to know about self-tanning! You also get 100% money back guarantee! We know you'll never need it, but if for some reason you're not 1000% amazed by the results - send the product back and get a full refund!

I have to say that I've never used a tan towelette. I've used creams and sprays, both for full and gradual self-tanning, but not a towelette. I like the idea of this because I always seem to get the cream clumped under my nails or have an excess of it in between my fingers, so that by the time you rinse it off, it's too late. You've got orange finger cleavage and it looks like you've eaten a fist-full of Cheetos. ;)

The package boasts 20 towelettes, where other companies sell in packages of 6 or 10, so bonus. These are half-body towelettes, which is great if you only want to do your arms, legs, or your face, and that way, you're not wasting product. They also sell at around half the price or more of other towelettes. (They're on sale right this minute for 75% off ($12.49/box) in honor of being #1 on Amazon, but only for a short time, so don't be mad if you miss it!)

I love that the box turns into a dispenser for the towelette packets. You can leave these on your vanity or sink (the package is gorgeous anyway), or store them in a bathroom closet and just pop one out at a time. 

I love the idea that I can stick a few tan towelettes in my purse or luggage and get a glow wherever I am. (Have you ever pictured yourself with a tan for some event or trip and totally not had time to get one?)

So it's time for the test! Each towelette is 7.5" x 7.5" and comes out of the package pretty wet. The directions state to apply the towelette wherever needed, using sparingly around the ankles, knees, and elbows. TIP: Apply a body moisturizer beforehand, concentrating on those areas.

I would recommend going lightly and sparingly for more coverage. You can always darken it later. The formula is totally clear, but you'll feel it wet your skin. One towelette covered both arms, my chest, shoulders, neck, and face.

Wait 10 minutes before getting dressed (Seriously, y'all.), and wash hands after applying. The color will gradually develop within 4 hours. For a deeper tan, reapply after 4 hours until you reach your desired results, then use 1-2 times a week to maintain it.

So I took a photo of my arm before, then used a tan towelette and photographed it again 4 hours later. The next day, I applied another towelette for a deeper color and photographed it after another 4 hours. So these photos from top to bottom are: No tan, 1 application, and 2 applications.

What a difference! It looks like my arm lost 20 lbs, y'all!

It's very gradual, which is my preferred method. I would rather build the color up than BAM: YOU'RE TAN!

The color is a nice golden, and not orange (man, I've used some doozies.) I ran into a few issues, which means more tips, guys! My mistakes are your gain!

#1. I had a bare spot on each of my inner elbows, which I figured out was because I was doing this in the morning/afternoon so that I could get naturally-lit shots. I work at a desk in the meantime, so my arms are bent the whole time, and the little space where my lower-bicep touches my inner-forearm didn't develop. I had read somewhere (maybe on the website) to do this before bed, and now I get it. #BloggerProblems

#2. I am super-impatient. It seems like every second not doing something stretches into eternity. Waiting 10 minutes to dress felt like forever, so if you're anything like me, do this where you can watch a show on Netflix or catch up on a book. I spent 10 minutes staring at a clock wondering how loosely interpreted "dressed" could be taken. What about just a bra? Does a loose robe count? Do they say this because it might transfer to your clothes, or will it mess with the color developing? Wonder what the kids are getting into...

#3. "Wash hands thoroughly after use." I would recommend using a baby wipe afterwards on your palms and in between your fingers, so that you don't wash it off of the backs of your hands, which I totally did. Whoops.

Overall, a great self-tanner. I'll be keeping these on hand all winter, and unless they come up with something even more awesome, then next winter too!

If you'd like to grab some Glow2Go, you can find it here on Amazon, and like I said before, it's 75% off for a limited time, so grab 2 or 3 boxes and get a great deal at $12.49 each with free shipping!

Also, you can follow Thermalabs on Facebook and Twitter for tips and coupons all year long.

Thermalabs is going to let me give away a box of Glow2Go to one lucky reader! Look for that giveaway to start soon!

Have you ever used a self-tanner? Did you like it? Why or why not?

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