Southern Mom Loves: Tame Unruly Hair with the Brazilian Keratin Collection from NuNAAT

Tame Unruly Hair with the Brazilian Keratin Collection from NuNAAT

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I received the Brazilian Keratin collection from NuNAAT in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

If you've been reading a while, you know that I'm a little hair-obsessed. Since having my last child, my hair texture has changed completely and I've been trying every product under the sun to see what works for me now, and what doesn't. My usual routine is pretty time-consuming, so I've been on the hunt for quality products that deliver without having to spend hours in the bathroom.

My hair is pretty unruly now. It's dry, wavy, majorly frizzy, and damaged from coloring. To keep it silky-looking, I usually shampoo and condition every other day with a heavy-duty moisturizing shampoo, deep-condition at least once a week, use a light argan oil all over, then a coconut oil mixture in just the ends. And that's just after a shower. If I'm styling my hair, add in at least 2-3 more products. I'm over it. 

So...I've been testing some products over the holidays that I can't wait to tell you about!

I had been searching for a good collection of wash-and-wear products for my hair when I came across a review about a product by NuNAAT. I had never heard of them before so I looked up their website to see if they had anything for my particular hair problems. Turns out they do! They recommended their Brazilian Keratin collection and were so generous to send me the entire line to try! I've been using it for almost a month and can't wait to show you what they can do!

Your hair journey may not have been the easiest, but with the right help, you can very simply restore its nutritional balance, and have smooth, strong, and flexible hair. What we all desire, is that salon fresh confidence in our hair-everyday. NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Collection is perfect for both restoration, and maintaining hair perfectly straightened in between professional treatments. Gain control no matter your texture or hair type, the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care treatment is for you. From the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom, you regenerate and strengthen hair fibers while restoring the natural shine and softness. The treatment repairs damaged cuticles and seals them, while turning down the frizz, reducing your volume.

  • Works with all hair types to repair cuticle damage
  • Regenerates & strengthens hair fibers while restoring natural shine & softness
  • Seals hair cuticles to reduce volume and frizz
  • Makes hair resilient & healthy
  • Formaldehyde & sodium chloride free

I received the Deep Moisturizing Shampoo, Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor, Intensive Hair Mask, and the Serum Ultra Shine. I'm badly in need of a trim, but I put it off another month to really give them a good test. First, I did a "before" shot. 

Then I thought, "Hey, I should stop my regular routine, use some clarifying products, and show a true before photo." Holy cow, that was horrifying. I had no idea the shape my hair was in without all of the products I was using regularly! Behold: Straw.

In all my DIY work, I've never actually been electrocuted, but I could imagine if I had, this is what my hair would look like. Completely fried. I really needed some help after that!


The NAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Moisturizing Shampoo is prepared sodium chloride free with mild surfactants (foaming agents), Green Keratin and amino acids all which provide a deep cleansing without being too abrasive.
Cleaned and foamed well without leaving my hair stripped-feeling. Nice scent.

The NAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Moisturizing Conditioner contains high-capacity conditioning ingredients to make detangling a breeze. It works to reduce frizz and tame unruly hair. For best results, use daily with the Brazilian Keratin Deep Moisturizing Shampoo.
Thick and rich, it went on and dispersed easily. My hair felt well-conditioned after rinsing.

The NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor is a leave in – non-rinse formula. Apply desired amount to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Wait a few minutes before blow drying as usual, and feel the results immediately. The leave-in is activated by the blow-dryer and a flat iron will seal hair cuticles causing keratin to effectively penetrate hair fibers. Designed for frequent use or as needed.
This is one of my favorite products! It's a great leave-in conditioner that really tamed my frizz. The directions state to blow dry while brushing, but I just I worked it through my wet hair and let it dry naturally. I couldn't believe it worked so well! The only criticism I have of the whole line is that it's a pretty watery gel-like liquid, and was difficult for me to apply since I need to use so much. I would put this in a spray bottle.

The NAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask can be used in place of the Deep Moisturizing Conditioner after using the Deep Moisturizing Shampoo. The mask will intensely hydrate and repair hair fibers. Leave in for 10-20 minutes before rinsing well. You can use this every 1-2 weeks as necessary.
My 2nd favorite product of the line, I applied this to dry hair and left on for 20 minutes. I couldn't believe how baby-soft my hair was! It was a pretty amazing transformation from straw to silk. LOVE!

Our NAAT Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine contains our special silicone formula that creates a film that protects hair against environmental damage, keeping it moisturized and providing extra conditioning, more shine and increased flexibility. You can apply this to your wet or dry hair, evenly distributing a small amount, as often as desired.
The directions on this one state to use a small amount, then blow dry with a brush and flat iron to seal the hair's cuticle. I don't normally blow dry because when I finish, I look like an extra-frizzy lion (any tips guys?), so I first tested this both as a shine serum on dry, styled hair and in wet hair for an extra silky, shiny boost. Both were great, but I prefer using it in wet hair because I still haven't mastered how to use a shine serum on dry hair without getting greasy-looking clumps (I'll take tips here too!)


On the whole, I loved every product, and they all worked well together. I found a routine that was quick, and really worked for the way I style my hair. Shampoo + Conditioner + Leave-in conditioner for regular days. Mask once a week. Serum on the days I had to heat style. 

For the "after" pics, I wanted to use all of the products according to the directions. If I could have a do-over, I would skip the blow-dry. These pics show some frizz (although it's greatly reduced), but that was due to the blow drying. 

So, what was done: Deep Conditioned the day prior, then shampooed and conditioned. Applied Leave-In Conditioner, then the Shine Serum. Blow-dried while brushing, then flat-ironed. Applied a little shine serum to palms, then worked through to finish.

Not bad for desperately needing a trim! Now side-by-side:

I'm impressed! It's a great solution for my hair needs (wavy, frizzy.) If your hair is has different needs, you can shop by hair type! Just visit the NuNAAT website and find yours under "Match Your Hair Type." They make an array of products for every hair type from Normal to Dry to Brittle, Chemically Treated, Frizzy, or Coarse hair; You're sure to find one that fits.

Find NuNAAT products on their website. You can also find NuNAAT on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & YouTube.

Have you ever tried products from NuNAAT? What are your biggest hair concerns? 

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