Southern Mom Loves: Is it the BÖHM?

Is it the BÖHM?

Friday, February 13, 2015

I received a BÖHM BIG from BÖHM in order to facilitate an honest review; All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Nothing puts me in a better mood than having music playing around the house; It can make any bad day brighter. I used to rock out the stereo, but since growing my music collection via iTunes (to about 40 GBs), everything I want to listen to is on my computer or my iPod; Not great sound on either. We have a few bluetooth speakers, but they're "personal"-sized speakers, and I've been thinking about getting a good room-sized speaker for a few months now.

I got the chance to review the BÖHM BIG wireless bluetooth stereo speaker; If you've been shopping for a whole-room bluetooth speaker, keep reading to see what I found.

About the BÖHM BIG:

  • Feel the boom with the BÖHM BIG crystal clear strong bass, powered by dual front and back 55mm passive sub-woofers combined with 12W + 12W 50mm acoustic premium drivers on both ends. This speaker can fill any room or outdoor space.
  • The BÖHM BIG is a one of a kind high-end bluetooth speaker that features a 10''L x 3.1"W x 3.7"H aluminum body with its own exclusive sleek design
  • Long Playtime: Enjoy 15 hours of music at 60% volume or 6 hours at 100% volume. Get a full recharge in just 3 hours using the included ac adapter. Battery life is comparable to other high end speakers in this range such as the Jawbone Jambox Big.
  • Devices can be connected with bluetooth, 3.5mm auxiliary input or usb a adapter. The BIG BOHM also allows you to play your music right from your micro SD card or USB flash drive.
  • Premium Sound with DSP Technology: DSP (digital signal processor) is the brains of the decoding process. This chip handles all the steering of surround sound, sending musical signals to the correct channels. DSP also can provide its own sound field enhancements - essentially electronic changes in tone and timing (echoes). One feature that DSP enables is the ability to dynamically compress music and, more importantly, movie soundtracks. Dynamic compression evens out the highs and lows making louder sounds quieter and quieter sounds louder for a enjoyable listening experience.

The BÖHM BIG came in a fantastic gift box. The box material was super-high-end: thick, sturdy, and beautifully designed and printed (Did I tell you I was a Graphic designer who geeks out over packaging yet?) 

The speaker is nestled up at the top, and lifting it up reveals your accessories. It comes with a velveteen storage pouch for the speaker, an auxiliary cord, an AC adapter, and an instruction guide.

The speaker is completely wireless and you can take it anywhere, but besides just charging the battery, the AC adapter can be used full-time if you plan to keep this in one area of your home.

The battery charge time is 3-4 hours and boasts a playtime of 15 hours at 60% volume or 6 hours at 100% volume.

The speaker itself measures 13" x 6" x 6". It's got a full aluminum body with a modern and minimalist design. The entire front and sides are a pierced aluminum with six control buttons on the top. The right side holds your power and bluetooth pairing buttons along with the various inputs.

The BÖHM BIG contains 2 speakers along with a microphone, so it can be used to answer your calls when paired with a smartphone. You can answer and end calls right from the speaker, but you can also refuse a call by holding the Phone button for 2 seconds. If you want to call back the last number, you can do that too; Just double-press the Phone button.

Besides being able to pair the speaker to ANY bluetooth-enabled device, you can also play music from a flash drive or a Micro SD card (it will switch into MP3 mode), or any non-bluetooth device with a 3.5mm audio port via the Auxiliary jack (cord included.)

My experience: 

I love the versatility of options here; This thing is like the laptop of speakers. We have so many devices, and my son carries around so much random stuff on flash drives, that it's great that we can pair up just about anything, bluetooth enabled or not.

I had no trouble pairing it to our iPod Touch, and was delighted to find out that you can use Siri through the speaker as well; Just hold down the Phone button for 3 seconds to activate her (while connected to an Apple device) and use as normal. 

[If you haven't had fun with Siri yet, here are a few things to say to her (Safe For Work): "What is the meaning of life?" "The blue pill or the red pill?" "Make me a sandwich." "I love you." "What are you wearing?" "Who's your daddy?" "Talk dirty to me." "Do you have any pets?" "Guess what?" "Siri, I am tired." "Can you murder someone for me?" "Do you love me, Siri?" "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" Just a hint: If she's being evasive, repeat the question; It gets even better. Can you tell we have fun with her?]

The controls all work as advertised: You can skip forward, backward, Play/Pause, and control the volume right from the speaker.

The sound quality is great as well. We live in an old house with large rooms and high ceilings; I turned it up about halfway and could hear it very well outside. This speaker gets loud.

Overall, a great experience. Highly recommended!

You can find the BÖHM BIG on Amazon right now with free shipping. 

Are you a music fan? What are some of your favorite musicians or groups? What do you think of the BÖHM Big? Leave me a comment below!

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