Southern Mom Loves: How I Go Back to School Like a Boss #BTSLikeABoss

How I Go Back to School Like a Boss #BTSLikeABoss

Thursday, July 23, 2015

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

The words "Back to school" can incite dread in any parent. Not only does it mean an end to fun summer days, but also the beginning of early hours,  packing lunches, seemingly endless homework and projects, and the worst part: Back to school shopping.

Over the years I've developed some methods to go back to school like a Boss. I get everything in one place, avoiding the stress of the last-minute crowds and the parents snatching the last glue sticks, and I save a ton of money while I do it.

The secrets of my BTS methods are that I go early; As soon as they start stocking school items, and I get them at Walmart. They have the lowest prices and the biggest selection, and ours started stocking BTS a few weeks ago.

#1. Don't be a sucker. You don't need to wait for the teacher to give your child a supply list on the first day of school. Yes, I got caught up in that when we first moved to the small city we live in now. Some schools print out supply lists early, but it seems that our schools were never onboard with that. Sigh. So I a sucker. And I fought for that last glue stick. Every year.

My method: Buy everything. Not really, but you can go down the aisles and shop for things you know will be on that list, and that are age-appropriate for your child like: a backpack, scissors, paper, tissues, pens/crayons/markers. Don't worry if they end up not being on your child's list; You can either save the receipt and return them, save them for another year, or donate them to your child's classroom or school. If there are specialty items on the list that you couldn't have anticipated, like a flash drive, then you can still breeze through the frenzy for your one or two items like a boss.

#2. Don't do the runaround. Do you still shop at multiple stores for the best prices? See #1.

My method: I go to one store: Walmart. Not only are they guaranteed to have the best prices, they price match. Also, consider this: they want to be your BTS headquarters. That means that they are busting their humps to find out what the local schools will be assigning to their students, and then they stock it. It's a rare year that I can't get everything in one place.

#3. Don't sweat the small stuff. Buy big and distribute.

My method: You know that each of the kids needs 3 glue sticks, so why don't you buy the big value pack and split it up? The teacher doesn't care if it's still in the cute little package, and you'll save money. Ditto with tissues, paper towels, etc.

A bonus to this method is being able to collect all of the bonus Box Tops for Education on participating Kimberly Clark products. Each Box Top is worth $ .10, and I just picked up 3 products for Back to School with bonus Box Tops worth $2.

There are 618 students enrolled in my daughter's school. If each parent turned in that $2 in Box Tops, that's $1,236 donated to the school, and that's just from these 3 products!!! If you're not collecting Box Tops, your child's school is missing out!

You can share how you go back to school like a boss too. Learn more about BTS at Walmart here, then share your stories and tips on your social media using the hashtag #BTSLikeABoss. You could be featured on the website!

Do you have any horror stories about BTS? Tips? How do you go Back To School Like A Boss? Let me know in the comments below!

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