Southern Mom Loves: Day 10: Halloween Mummy Meatloaf {#12DaysOf Halloween}

Day 10: Halloween Mummy Meatloaf {#12DaysOf Halloween}

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Welcome to day 10 of 12 Days of Halloween! We sure have had some fantastic recipes and craft projects for the holiday. Today's post comes from Cyn of Creative Cynchronicity.

Cyn loves Halloween-themed foods; They always remind her of something that might come out of Grizelda the Ghastly Gourmet's Kitchen, a favourite segment on a TV show from her childhood. It's fun to have something a little bit spooky (but not too spooky - we don't want to lose our appetites!)

This Mummy Meatloaf recipe fills the bill. Not only is it classic Halloween fun but it tastes really good too. It's a delicious concoction that reminds her of a cross between meatloaf and spaghetti. The whole family will like this Halloween main dish.

You can find the full post for Halloween Mummy Meatloaf here on Cyn's blog, then check out all of the posts in the series below. We'll be linking up all of the posts, so keep an eye out if you missed one!

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