Southern Mom Loves: Did I Tell You About the Time I Lost Everything?

Did I Tell You About the Time I Lost Everything?

Monday, October 26, 2015

This post was sponsored by Carbonite as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Hi y'all! October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, so I want to tell you about the time that I lost everything. That's right, the whole enchilada.

I was a brand-new Graphic Artist working for a company in Memphis, and I frequently took my work home. I was still a full-time student and was working from an older computer when one night...crash. I couldn't get it running again and lost not only everything I was working on that night (no biggie, at least the originals were still at work), but all past and present school projects. I had a few things on a flash drive or on CDs, but the majority of 3 years of work was gone. It was painful to say the least, but I learned my lesson.

Source: Viktor Hanacek

From then on, I regularly burned my finished projects to CDs and DVDs, creating an archive of all of my work just in case. At that time (BOS - Before Online Storage), that was the only way to do it. Times have changed....

By now you've probably heard of Cloud storage, but you've also probably heard that it's not really secure and is vulnerable to a determined hacker. It's fine for music and movies, but not for your personal and private files. Do you do your taxes online and save a copy to your computer? Oops, there goes your SSN.

Because of this, I recently started using Carbonite. Carbonite offers cloud backup that will retroactively backup your computer once it has been installed. That means that you install the software, it backs up all of your files, and it keeps backing up any new or changed files in the background. Constantly. Without you having to set it up or tell it what to do! 

What if you're working on something when your computer crashes, but you've forgotten to backup your computer for a week? Trick question! You don't have to remember anything.

Carbonite was developed after both co-founders had family members that lost precious data on their computers. It was after these incidents that David and Jeff founded Carbonite as a safe and secure backup system.

Check out this security: "Before leaving your computer, your files are encrypted using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Then, they’re transmitted to one of our data centers using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), where they are guarded 24 hours a day." That sounds pretty serious. Like file prison.

How to use Carbonite:
  1. Install the Carbonite software
  2. Back up your computer
That's it! Everything after clicking the button to start backing up your files is completely automatic. It runs in the background and I didn't notice any lagging in my internet. The initial backup could take a few days depending on how many files need to be backed up, and mine took a few days to transfer around 15 Gigabytes.

Your storage is also unlimited, so you don't have to pick and choose; You can back everything up!

From there you can restore lost files back to your computer or to a new computer (if your laptop was lost, stolen, or died a horrible death), all via a super-easy restore wizard.

You can also use Carbonite to access your files on the go. Got to work but forgot your files? Want to show your friends the photos from your last trip, but you're at dinner? No problem. You can connect straight to your files via a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Every customer gets free premium support. So if you get stuck and can't figure something out, you can contact their team via phone, chat, or email.

Source: Viktor Hanacek

You would think that the price for secure, unlimited file storage wouldn't be affordable, but it is. For as little as $5 a month, you can have complete digital peace of mind. That's cheaper than a single quad-grande-iced-nonfat-no whip-white chocolate-mocha!

Carbonite offers a 15 day free trial so you can try it for yourself. It's so easy to sign up, I didn't even have to have my credit card ready! Just input your name and email, download the software, install it, and start your backup. Try it free for 15 days and experience digital peace of mind for yourself.

With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to protect the contents of your digital storage by getting a backup plan that will keep all of your family's important documents, photos and information safe, and I have a Promotional Code for you! (I love when I can give you guys free stuff!)

Use the Code: INFLUENCECENTRAL for two (2) additional FREE months of service, after a subscription plan has been purchased! *Expires December 31, 2015.

Source: Viktor Hanacek

Have you ever lost your personal files or photos? Have you ever had to go through the pain of switching your files to a new computer? Do you think you'd like to try Carbonite? I love to hear your stories!

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