Southern Mom Loves: Pay Only for the Cellphone Service You Use with Ting

Pay Only for the Cellphone Service You Use with Ting

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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I'm going to tell you a secret: I'm not a big cellphone user. Crazy, I know! I have one, but more often than not I find it dead at the bottom of my purse. I work from home, so most of the time I use it on wifi. Also, there was a month when I didn't use voice or data at all, and maybe send 5 text messages...yet I'm still paying the same amount each month. It just doesn't make sense to pay a premium for access to data you aren't utilizing, or have to guess at how much you might use ahead of time with a pre-paid or minutes plan.

Why are we overpaying for minutes and data we aren't using? Well, times are changing and you don't have to anymore. Ting believes in a better way to do mobile. Ting customers only pay for the cellphone service they actually use each month, and an average bill is just $23 per device.

There is an offer going on October 20 through October 22 that you don't want to miss out on: Anyone with an AT&T cellphone can check to see if your device is compatible with Ting and you’ll receive a free $5 Starbucks gift card just for checking!

Ting can work with transferred AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint phones. Check compatibility on the site to see if you can switch and save a bundle while keeping your phone. With both GSM and CDMA networks, over 80% of devices can now switch to Ting.

If you don't have a compatible phone, or just want a new one, Ting has new and refurbished phones for sale in their Shop. Want the new iPhone? They have it.

Worried the small guy won't have good coverage? Ting GSM wireless service is provided on a nationwide 3G, HSPA and LTE network, and CDMA wireless service is provided on the Nationwide Sprint network.

Ting is great for families because they offer pooled usage for unlimited devices. For just $6 per active phone plus the cost of usage, your family can save every month through rates that get better the more you use. You can put in your current info to see how much you'd save on your phone bill right here, right now.

Ting comes with no hidden fees, penalties, or contracts. You just use what you need and pay for what you use. Use less this month? Pay less. It’s that simple.

They have their rates up for everyone to see, and according to their chart, that month where I used no voice or data and sent only 5 text messages? I would have paid only $6 for my device + $3 for under 100 messages + taxes. Sounds good to me! 

Even if you use your voice, data, and messaging constantly, Ting could still save you money. If (like me) you're on your home or work wifi most of the time, you could use a messaging or voice app to text or make calls via your wifi connection instead. That way you pay for using Ting's reasonably-priced services only when you're not on wifi vs. paying a high (fixed) monthly bill. Think of how much you could save!

Check to see if your AT&T device is compatible with Ting and receive a $5 Starbucks gift card just for checking*. You will receive an email after the promotion ends on October 22 with a link and custom code. This link and code will allow you to print off your gift card or apply the $5 gift to an existing Starbucks card. Have a Pumpkin Spice Latte on Ting! :)

*Limit one $5 Starbucks gift card per email address and per active AT&T device checked.

Are you paying too much for your cellphone service? Is your phone is compatible with Ting? If you're with AT&T, did you get your FREE Starbuck's Gift Card? I love to hear your comments!

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