Southern Mom Loves: Treat Your Kitty with 3 Puurfect DIY No Sew, No Glue Cat Toys!

Treat Your Kitty with 3 Puurfect DIY No Sew, No Glue Cat Toys!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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We want our pets to be as healthy and happy as possible, that's why I want to let you know that you can customize your cat’s nutrition and give them a well-balanced lifestyle with dry food, wet food, and treats, all from the trusted IAMS™ brand. 

One way I keep my kitty happy is with playtime! To help you treat your kitties, I've created 3 no sew, no glue DIY Cat toys that anyone can make!

You may or may not know that I have a gorgeous kitty named Rajah. I rescued her as a tiny kitten from being eaten by male strays. Gruesome, I know. She was the last of her litter and there was no way I was letting anything happen to that little baby kitty, so I brought her inside and bottle-fed her until she was old enough to eat solid food. She's been my fluffy companion ever since.

Side note: Yes, I know it should be Rani, but my daughter wanted to name her after Jasmine's tiger, so Rajah it is!

Her nutrition is important to us. Because she's an inside cat, her dietary needs are different than an outdoor cat. She doesn't have access to grass to help her with her hairballs, and since she's spayed, keeping her weight balanced is an issue.

In addition to their ProActive Health wet and dry foods, IAMS™ now offers functional treats by targeting specific dietary needs: Hairball Care, Digestive Health, and Oral Care.

The new treats come in both Salmon and Chicken, and they also come in a Mega Bag so you'll always have treats on hand.

You can get all of the new IAMS™ products in the Pet Care aisle of your local Walmart, or online here.

Funny enough, when I brought these home and was getting some pretty pictures of the treats, this happened:


I'm pretty sure that last looks says, "I will have my revenge for this, woman."

The IAMS™ ProActive wet and dry foods also come in formulas to target your pet's dietary needs. I picked up the Healthy Weight & Hairball care for Indoor cats, and it is Rajah approved.

She is fierce and aloof but also enjoys curling up with us and playing with her toys. She loves to bat around anything with strings, so I've created 3 no sew, no glue cat toy tutorials for your own kitty's super-happy-fun-times. :)

Pom Poms

Taggy Pillow


"Oh no, Fred! She's coming!"

Deathstare before the pounce

I hope you have fun making your own DIY cat toys! You can find a tutorial for a DIY, No-Sew Bed here.

Learn more about IAMS™ dietary formulas here. They want to hear your stories and see pictures of your healthy, happy cats, so if you share on social media, use the hashtag #IAMSCat to be featured on their page!


Tell me about your kitty. Will you be making any of these DIY toys? What are your cat's favorite treats? I love to read your comments!

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