Southern Mom Loves: Day 12: Creamy Tortellini Salad {#12DaysOf Summer}

Day 12: Creamy Tortellini Salad {#12DaysOf Summer}

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Welcome to Day 12 of 12 Days of Summer recipes and crafts! We hope you've enjoyed the series as much as we did making it.

Our last post is from Cyn of Gagen Girls. Her favorite part of summer is all the fun get-togethers with her family and a Gagen family gathering always means the appearance of her niece’s Creamy Tortellini Salad recipe. It’s a family favorite and you won’t believe that something so quick and easy to make can be so incredibly delicious.

Visit the full Creamy Tortellini Salad post here, then hop through the other posts below for more Summer inspiration!

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