Southern Mom Loves: An Easy Bow Fold Serviette for Your Holiday Table!

An Easy Bow Fold Serviette for Your Holiday Table!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hi, everyone! As the holidays are creeping up on us, many are preparing to entertain guests. Today I have a Bow Fold Serviette that will look fantastic on your holiday table and is super-easy to do.

This serviette can be done with any color of table linen, just choose a complimentary ribbon color and you're all set.

I'm using ribbon with wire at each edge and I would recommend choosing your ribbon with this feature. It will help you keep the ribbon from unraveling because you only want to tie it, not knot it, so that your guests can simply untie it to use their napkins.

1. If using linen napkins, iron them out first for a crisp look and lay one out on a flat surface.
2. Fold the bottom edge of the napkin up to the center.
3. Fold the top edge of the napkin down to the center.
4. Fold it in half along the center so that you have your two doubled lengths on top of each other.
5. Fold the left edge into the new center.
6. Fold the right edge into the center, but pull it in an extra inch so that it overlaps the left edge.
7. Cut a length of ribbon and slide it under your napkin to the center point.
8. Use your fingers to gather the center up.
9. Tie your ribbon (don't knot it) and cut the ribbon ends to the same length.

Can you imagine your table with this pretty bow on top of each plate? Cute. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! <3

Are you entertaining for the holidays? I love to read your comments!

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