Southern Mom Loves: How to Safely Transition Your Cat to a New Food

How to Safely Transition Your Cat to a New Food

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I want the best for my kitty-baby. That doesn't necessarily mean the most expensive choices, but the healthiest choices. I want her to live a long and happy life, feeling her best and full of energy. I had been feeding her IAMS, but the last time I went shopping for her food, the store was completely out, so I had to make a choice. I chose what seemed to be a healthy option, but noticed a difference in my Rajah right away. I've decided to switch back and wanted to share the proper way to switch your cat to an IAMS diet. I chose IAMS ORAL CARE COMPLETE to help her maintain strong, healthy teeth while getting 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

I'll allow it. This time.
There are a few reasons to transition your cat's food over the space of a few days vs. starting the new food immediately. You first want to avoid them having any bowel or vomiting issues. If your cat is used to one food and it's suddenly switched, it can upset his tummy.

Secondly, cats can be creatures of habit. They may just refuse to try a new food. Mixing it in gradually will enable them to taste it mixed in their old food and slowly get used to it. Both are excellent reasons to transition in order to avoid any problems.

First, plan ahead. You'll need to have enough of your old food left to use in the transition. Then you'll need to choose your new, healthier food!

Foods with Benefits

There's a reason veterinarians recommend IAMS so much. They're filled with the absolute best nutrition for your pet with high-quality, recognizable ingredients for lifelong health and 0% fillers.

IAMS just introduced ORAL CARE COMPLETE to their Proactive Health line. I had previously been feeding my Rajah the IAMS Proactive Health line, so I knew she would love it plus she would be getting the best nutrition with added oral care benefits.

If you think oral care is not important, think again! It is the #1 health issue cats face today, and this formula was specifically designed to combat the problem. It contains ideal calcium and mineral levels to help keep teeth and gums healthy and has a larger, groovier and crunchier kibble, designed to provide a deep clean that scrapes away plaque and tartar.

I've made my choice, now...

Start Your Engines

Read the recommended feeding guide on your cat food bag. Depending on the type of food, a serving of IAMS ORAL CARE COMPLETE may be more or less than you're used to serving of your old food.

The weight/feeding amounts on my IAMS ORAL CARE COMPLETE bag are as follows:

4 lbs..............1/4 to 1/3 cup 
8 lbs..............1/2 to 2/3 cup 
12 lbs.................3/4 to 1 cup 
16 lbs............1 to 1-1/4 cups 
22 lbs....1-1/4 to 1-2/3 cups

These are the recommended starting points. Your cat may need more food depending on age, activity level, and temperament, so you may need to adjust the amounts. Just start here and see how it works for your own fur-baby!

Weight is just a number, girl

You'll need to weigh your cat if it's been a while since she's been to the vet. An easy way to do it is to weigh yourself first, then weigh yourself holding the cat, then subtract your weight to get the cat's weight. Good luck and godspeed. I'll wait here.

Let's do this.

Now you see it...

Any new food should be increased gradually over the course of at least 4 days.

Day 1: Start with 25% of the new food mixed with 75% of the old food.

Day 2: Mix 50% of the new food with 50% of the old food.

Day 3: Mix 75% of the new food with 25% of the old food.

Day 4: Feed your cat 100% of the new food.

If you know your cat is super-finicky, you can mix the new food in over a longer period of time. Don't give up! This method will work if you stick to it!

Enjoy the benefits of a healthier cat!

You will see a visible difference in your cat when you make the switch to a nutritious food with no fillers. Their skin and coat will have an increased shine and softness, their digestion will improve and they will be more playful.

Birdwatch 2017
One of the visible differences I’ve noticed is her fur feels super silky soft now. I may have laid her across my shoulders like a mink stole and walked around the house with her. It's okay, she still loves me.

I guess I'm not getting that back...

My Precioussssssss

When you feed IAMS to your furry friend you're choosing a premium food that your cats will love and you can feel good about. They're available at major retailers and pet stores nationwide (including the new ORAL CARE COMPLETE formula!)

Learn more about the new IAMS ORAL CARE COMPLETE here and transition your own pet to a healthy IAMS diet.


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Are you looking to switch your cat to a new food? Have you tried IAMS? What visible differences did you see? I love to read your comments!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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