Southern Mom Loves: 17+ Sharpie DIY Home Decor Projects

17+ Sharpie DIY Home Decor Projects

Friday, May 19, 2017

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I am smitten with Sharpies and have been for a long time, but now that they've put out gorgeous multi-color packs, metallics, and paint pens, there's even more to love about these densely-colored, permanent markers. I've been brainstorming other ways to use my Sharpie collection, so I thought I would share 17 of the cutest home decor DIY projects using Sharpie pens! Get creative with me, guys!

To start, you'll need some Sharpies. You can find lots of colors in a store near you, but here's a warning: these are extremely popular right now so they may be sold out. The good news is that you can order them online and get a better selection of collections they may not have in stores in your area. Here is a list of the different collections I found.

Now, let's pick a project (or two, or seven.)

17+ Sharpie DIY Home Decor Projects


1. DIY Sharpie Mugs from Glued to My Crafts

You've probably seen this mug idea by now, but I still love it. 

Bonus: Sharpie Travel Mug design idea from Sustain My Craft Habit!

2. Sharpie Pen Lampshade from Fun Crafts Kids

I've seen this lampshade design done by threading yarn through holes in a lampshade, but this is an easier way to get the same look using sharpies.

3. Sharpie Water Color Pillows from Brit + Co

You can make fabulous watercolor designs in small or large scale with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. Genius!

4. Sharpie Coasters from An Oregon Cottage

I love how these are made from wood slices and the offset numbers can help everyone remember which drink is theirs. Great for a party!

5. Scripted Pillows from A Subtle Revelry

So sweet. You can really take this one in a million directions. Book lovers can copy passages from their favorite books. Couples can write their vows or love-letters on pillowcases, you can do a large Mr & Mrs.-type design. <3

6. DIY Canvas Art from This Silly Girl's Kitchen (site gone)

Sadly, blogs come and go. This site isn't active anymore but the image speaks for itself!  You don't have to be a trained artist to decorate with art. Grab some canvases and go to town with Sharpies!

7. Sharpie Dinnerware from The Sweetest Occasion

How pretty is this?! I love the idea of taking just about any stencil and using Sharpies to make it a permanent design.

8. Sharpie Monogrammed Pillow from An Oregon Cottage

YES! This is one easy project that I'm going to have to try. You can really get creative with what you choose to stencil on, like wedding dates, initials, or anything with special meaning.

9. Sharpie Ceramics from Brit + Co

So fun! They decorated a set of ceramics with colorful designs. I can see this as a way for kids to decorate their very own dish set or to glam up a set of plain white dishes.

10. Sharpie Candle from Happiness is Homemade

This is a start-to-finish candle project to decorate the container and then pour in a handmade candle. Love it!

11. DIY Mason Jar from Pretty My Party

This is a fun project that you can do with the kids to make decorative jars to hold pens or bathroom stuff.

12. Sharpie Table from Nellie Bellie (post gone)

Along with blogs that are no more, sometimes a blogger will change direction or remove old posts they don't like the look of anymore. The image is still great for ideas! This was one of my favorites and I have a plain white table that is just itching for a makeover.

13. Sharpie Hangers from Little Yellow Couch (site gone)

This is another site that is no more, but the image remains. This craft is easy enough to mimic just by seeing it. How cute would it be to glam up your closet with these hangers?!

14. Sharpie Faux Chalk Board from Lolly Jane

This is made to look like one of those gorgeously hand-lettered chalkboards, but it's white sharpie paint over black vinyl.

15. Burlap Home Decor from Sunny Sweet Days

I like the idea of canvas/burlap art using sharpies.

16. Sharpie Accent Wall Decor from At Home with the Barkers

I love the idea of bringing the sharpie party to your walls! You could go as bold or subtle as your tastes.

17. Sharpie Citronella Buckets from Our Southern Home

A great way to jazz up those plain citronella buckets we use every summer.


18. 8 Easy DIY Sharpie Ornaments from Nellie Belly

19. DIY Song Lyric Art from Nellie Belly

20. Rock Garden Caterpillar from Nellie Belly

21. Anthro Hack: DIY Ceramic Vases from Nellie Belly

22. Hand Lettered Wood Slice DIY Keychains from Sustain My Craft Habit

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these Sharpie Home Decor projects and feel inspired to DIY decorate!

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Are you a Sharpie fan? What's your favorite project?

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