Southern Mom Loves: Why We're Prepared for the Worst

Why We're Prepared for the Worst

Saturday, July 29, 2017

This post was sponsored by MetLife as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

My husband and I are still relatively young, but we're prepared for the worst and we have been for a long time. If it were just us we might not have taken the steps we did, but it's not just us anymore. We have two amazing children to look after. It breaks my heart to think of them living their lives without a mother or father, or God forbid, both, but it's something that all parents have to prepare for. It's not an easy thing to think about and plan, but luckily, it's easy to implement.

When my mother was diagnosed with ALS, she knew it was time to plan. She had a Last Will, but she never expected to have to prepare a Living Will and name a Power of Attorney. We worked together to get all of the necessary documents and witnesses and we went through her DNR wishes directly at the hospital. As her POA and Executor, I wanted to know exactly what she wanted ahead of time. We knew that she would eventually be unable to talk and it terrified me to think that I would be doing something she didn't want.

We thought we were thorough, but what we didn't discuss much was what would happen after she died. She picked a casket and said she didn't want a service, but that was about it. I knew she had some Life Insurance and we thought that it would pay for everything, but we really had no idea what was involved. After she died it was a whirlwind of quick decisions. I was in a daze. I didn't want it to be happening at all.

There were a lot of costs that we didn't anticipate. The casket, of course, but at this cemetery, a concrete liner was required as well. We didn't think about headstones or medical bills or debt. I think neither of us wanted to face that part of the future. It was easier to talk about the things that would happen while she was still here than the things that would happen after she was gone.

Afterward, it made me think about my own family and how I could make it easier on them should I pass away, so my husband and I had "the talk" and I'm glad we did. We have differing views on things like quality of life and at which point we would not want to be resuscitated. One thing we agreed on is that we would like to make sure that the surviving spouse or guardian of the children should we both pass, would not go into debt paying for a funeral or caring for the children. 

Besides the cost of the funeral, we wanted to make sure our Life Insurance coverage would help take care of any financial obligations, medical bills, lost income, and lost wages due to bereavement. I feel a lot more secure having life insurance in place, just in case. We were able to get our life insurance through his employer, but that’s not always an option for everyone and the coverage is sometimes very limited.

One thing I hear a lot is that only my husband needs coverage, but that's not true. He is the primary earner in our household, but the loss of my income would have a significant negative impact on our family. Think about this: Would you wish your spouse to have to return to work immediately? What about the kids? Who will provide childcare and how much will it cost? Are you close to family support? 

Did you know that only about half of women today have life insurance[1]? Even if you have a minimal income, you should have some coverage, and you don't have to get it through an employer either.

There are companies like MetLife that can provide your life insurance. They have a simple term life insurance that can provide up to $500,000 in coverage and you can get a quote in real-time online or by phone.

With MetLife Rapid Term, applicants will never be asked to complete an in-person medical exam or submit fluids, like blood or urine, ever; the application just asks a handful of health questions, which can be completed online and you can get a free quote. There's no reason not to. For more information on the full terms, conditions and limitations about the MetLife Rapid Term product, I encourage you to look at MetLife’s MetLife Rapid Term website.

I feel much better having a life insurance plan in place. It's a hard subject to face, but we have two good reasons to be prepared for the worst. Anything can happen. We didn't expect my mother to get sick, and even as adults it was the hardest thing we've ever been through. Grief is enough to have to deal with.

Have you planned for the worst? 

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