Southern Mom Loves: Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box {June 2019} Unboxing + DIY After Sun Aloe Spray!

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box {June 2019} Unboxing + DIY After Sun Aloe Spray!

Friday, May 31, 2019

I received a box from Simply Earth in order to facilitate an honest review; All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Hi, guys! I received my Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for June and it's another winner! This one is full of timely recipes for summer and includes some ingredients I've never used before, so it was fun trying them out. I've got the unboxing of the June box for you guys + a refreshing recipe for a DIY After Sun Aloe Spray! I also have a code that will get you a Big Bonus Box and a $40 gift card to Simply Earth if you subscribe to the monthly box. It's a steal!

If you haven't seen one of my Simply Earth unboxings yet, the Essential Oil Recipe Box is a monthly curated box of 4 essential oils with containers and ingredients to make 6 essential oil recipes. They always have a timely theme and June's box is all about summer. If you'd like to see some of their past boxes, you can find all of my Simply Earth unboxings here.

Let's unbox it! As always, the box includes a pre-printed sticker sheet so that you can label your DIY creations and also label the tops of your new essential oil bottles.

The recipe cards included in this month's box are:
  • Travel Buddy Roll On
  • Hibiscus Frozen Facial
  • Hibiscus Skin Repair Bath Salts
  • Summer Day Diffuser Blend
  • Beachy Hair Spray
  • After Sun Blend

The box includes a 2 oz. bottle of Aloe Vera,

an aluminum spray bottle, 

and a resealable packet of Dried Hibiscus Flowers.

The essential Oils included in this month's box are:

The total value of this month's oils is $52.96!

That's June's Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe box. Let's make something cool!

DIY After Sun Aloe Spray
Source: Simply Earth

  • 3 Tablespoons Liquid Aloe Vera
  • 20 drops Head Soothing Essential Oil Blend
  • 10 drops Palmarosa Essential Oil
  • 1/4 cup distilled (bottled) water
  • 2 oz. spray bottle

1. Pour the aloe directly into the spray bottle.

2. Add in the essential oils.

3. Top off the spray bottle with distilled water. Cap and shake well.

Add on your label and you're good to go! You now have an all-natural skin-soothing spray that you can take with you for a refreshing spritz anywhere.

I also wanted to share something I came up with to organize the recipe cards into a little Essential Oil library. I picked up a 3x5 Index card box and some tabbed 3x5 index cards. 

For now, I'm organizing them by months since Simply Earth is so great at sending recipes that will come in handy at that time, but once I have more recipes that I can categorize, I'll reorganize them. 

Now for the fun part: I get to treat you! You can get this monthly Essential Oil Recipe Box for just $39 and use my code SOUTHERNMOMGIFTFREE here: to also get the Big Bonus Box + a free $40 gift card to Simply Earth for some extra oils or ingredients to play with!


Do you enjoy making essential oil DIYs? What did you like most about this month's box? I love to read your comments!

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