Southern Mom Loves: 180 Degree Box June 2022 Unboxing + a 15% Discount Code!

180 Degree Box June 2022 Unboxing + a 15% Discount Code!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I received a complimentary box from 180 Degree Box in order to facilitate an unboxing. All opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links.

It's time to unbox the 180 Degree Box for June 2022 and this month's theme is Sunkissed. The 180 Degree Box is a lifestyle box focused on self-care, love, and wellness. They want to help make your self-care and wellness routine balanced, empowered, and enjoyable. Click through to see everything that was inside this month's box + I have an exclusive 15% off discount code for you!

About 180 Degree Box

180 Degree Box is a monthly subscription box, so you will receive one box with a new theme each month. The box ships by the 4th to 12th of each month and you can choose to pause or cancel your box at any time.

Every box comes with 6 - 9 full size products centered around the mind, body and soul. Products may include skincare, nutritional items, inspirational items, mood boosting items, books, home goods, snacks, jewelry, and other essentials curated for your self-care and wellness lifestyle. Each box has well over $120 in value and there is a free bonus Red Velvet Gift Bag in each box.

You can subscribe month-to-month for $49 per month + shipping, 3-months at a time for $163, 6-months at a time for $329, or for a year for $635. The longer plans give you a nice savings on the price of each box.

They also offer single boxes without a subscription like the Snackwell Box filled with healthy and nutritious treats, a Deluxe Birthday Box to spoil someone with, and a Surprise Mystery Box if you want more 180 Degree goodness.

The theme for this month is Sunkissed and there is a card inside that lists all of the products for the month in detail. The products inside come wrapped up like a gift and there are cards in the top of this month's box with a delish-sounding cocktail recipe and a fun contest!

First out of the box is an Elsie and Zoey Striped Woven Beach Bag (could receive Coral or Seafoam).

"Pack your essentials for beach day in this Striped Woven Beach Tote. A woven texture contrasts against a vibrant color, making it the perfect accessory to dress up a beach look."

This is such a cute bag and it's a great size. It's lined, has 2 inner pockets, and a full zippered top. This would easily fit all of your personal items for a beach trip.

Next out is one of our snacks, an Aura Bora Herbal Sparkling Water in Hibiscus Passionfruit.

"Aura Bora is made from unique plant-based ingredients like basil, cactus, and lavender for a better-tasting, more natural sparkling water experience. The best part? We donate 1% of annual revenue to environmental causes like wildfire relief, conservation, and ocean cleanup."

And the rest of our snack, 2 bags of Loro Crips Plantain Chips in Zipaquirà Salt & Urabà Sunshine.

"Loro Crisps are on a mission to share Colombia’s favourite crisps – plantain crisps. We’ve got five flavours – or sabores as we call them in Colombia – to choose from already. But if you can’t decide then maybe go with Pepe the Parrot’s favourite – the zetsy Quimbaya Limón."

The sparkling water is an unsweetened drink, but has lots of flavor. I'd prefer a slight sweetness but the flavor is really lovely and strong.

I was really surprised about the chips. I expected them to be sweet like cooked yellow plantains but in a banana chip form. These are much thinner and crispy and they taste so much like potato chips that if I hadn't known they were plantains, I would have thought they were potatoes. They're delicious!

Next out of the box is our month's red bag Bonus Charm, a pair of Kaitin Painted Floral Earrings.

I love that there's a little free gift in every box. These colorful earrings are very on-trend and look beautifully handpainted.

"After a long day in the sun, use this calming After Sun spray. The nourishing formulation includes skin-loving botanicals like Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. The addition of peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and frankincense work together in synergy to replenish the skin. The cooling effect will soothe your sun-drenched skin, while natural healing oils provide fragrant hydration. Bring this product in your beach or pool bag for easy access and a post-sun glow. The natural oils can separate, so make sure to shake well before each use."

Ooh, this is going into my beach bag for the next trip to the lake. It smells lovely and the peppermint and eucalyptus oils will help to cool you off after a long day in the sun.

"Be whisked away to the tropics with this luxurious body oil. A nourishing blend of sunflower, jojoba and argan oil combine to nourish and hydrate dry skin, while a touch of organic mineral oxides leave behind a gorgeous shimmering glow. Pair that with rich notes of vanilla and amyris and you’ll be embodying your inner glowing goddess in no time."

This oil smells very good and has the prettiest copper color. This would be lovely on anyone's skin for a night out (just don't oil up before going into the sun!)

"The Hydrating Hair Mask has a conditioning blend of Coconut Water and Argan oil that wraps strands of hair in replenishing moisture for smooth, luscious locks."

I love a good masking session and I can't wait to try this one.

"This luxurious body butter scrub is made of freshly roasted organic Haitian coffee, fine cane sugar, lustrous coconut oil, and Shea butter. It smells like a cup of coffee by the beach. It renews your skin and surely leaves it silky and fresh."

This is going to be great for keeping your skin in tip top shape for swimsuits and skirts during the summer. I have dry skin and have to keep exfoliated or my skin looks ashen. Can't wait to dip into this one.

"Organic rhodiola rosea + organic beets + organic maca + organic matcha tea + vegan capsule shells + nothing else. Clean sustained energy, no crash."

This sounds very interesting. It's got Matcha for caffeine so it would be great for a late afternoon pick-me-up without having another coffee.

"All too often, tepid temperatures and watery melted ice cubes come between you and a refreshing drink. So we invented a glass to fix that. Using active cooling gel, our FREEZE drinkware quickly chills any beverage (beer, wine, liquor, iced tea, cold-brew coffee) to its ideal serving temperature and maintains that temperature for hours. FREEZE cups have nothing to install or calibrate, and you never have to deal with watered-down drinks. Just sip and enjoy."

Another great summer item! These walled cups are filled with gel that you can chill or freeze to keep your drinks cold in the heat. It will definitely come in handy.

"The Mad Ally Cooling Ice Towel will keep you cool in hot weather or during any form of workout! You can use this for Dance Class; at the gym; jogging or working; even working around the house! It is a light weight and breathable fabric (with UPF 50 Sun Protection), Eco Friendly and sweat absorbent towel. Simply soak the towel in cold water, wring it out and place around your head or neck. When it stops cooling, repeat this process."

We had one of these years ago and lost track of it. It feels very cold when wet and helps enormously when you have to be outside in intense heat, like when doing yardwork in the middle of a southern summer. LOVE that we got one of these!

That was the 180 Degree Box for June and it was another fabulous box! This one contains so many useful items for the summer, I'm thrilled to try them all out. 20 bucks says my husband snatches up that pink cooling towel as soon as he sees it! 😂 I've really enjoyed unboxing them every month!

Thanks to Arlene, the lovely owner and curator of the boxes every month, you can get the 180 Degree box for yourself at a discount!

Use code SOUTHERN15 here for 15% off your order!

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What do you think of the 180 Degree Box? What were your favorite items? I love to read your comments!

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