Southern Mom Loves: IndieStitch February 2023 Unboxing + a 50% Discount & March Pattern Sneak Peek!

IndieStitch February 2023 Unboxing + a 50% Discount & March Pattern Sneak Peek!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

I received a complimentary box from IndieStitch in order to facilitate an unboxing post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain some affiliate links. 

Hi, guys. I'm back with the IndieStitch Box for February 2023! IndieStitch is a monthly box for sewing enthusiasts that provides you with everything you need to complete the month's (beginner to intermediate) apparel project, plus a few fun extras. Since all of the planning and shopping is done for you, it's a great way to be able to get down to the fun part. I've also got a sneak peek of the March project and a fantastic discount code for you! Let's unbox it!

Setting you up with everything you need, month after month, to sew your own clothes.

"Hi, I’m Amber! I created Indie Stitch so that you can make your own clothes even if your days are long and your hands are busy...Sewing your own clothes, choosing to create something with your hands, and the happiness that comes from wearing your new outfit feels incredible. It’s an accomplishment worth celebrating.

When I worked for boutique shops sewing clothes and bags, I realized something: it was easy and straightforward for me to finish those projects because all of the materials were sent to me. The thread matched, I had the right type and amount of fabric, and the patterns were printed and ready to go. All I needed to do was sit and sew."

That’s what makes IndieStitch so special. When you open up your box, you’ll have exactly what you need to get back to sewing for you.

Subscription Options

As you can see above, there are 12-month, 6-month, and 1-month plans and the cost goes down with the longer commitments. The "First Box" price shown above for the 12-month and 6-month plans includes a 30% discount, but I've got an even better discount code for you! 

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for IndieStitch, you'll provide your size range for the printed pattern that comes in your box every month. 

Once subscribed, you'll receive an email around the end of the month (28th - End of Month) to choose the fabric you want to use for the next month's pattern. The boxes ship out around the 4th of each month. You can choose to sew on your own using the video tutorials provided or join the Sew Along that happens in the IndieStitch Facebook group on the Monday around the 14th.

Your membership will renew for the next month from the 13th - 15th.

The next month's pattern is revealed on the Second Week of the Month on all social media channels (or here on my blog πŸ˜‰) You can see some of their Past Boxes here.

February Pattern & Fabric Choice

The pattern we're going to be making this month is the Valetta Top by Blank Slate Patterns"The Valetta Top is an easy, breezy peasant shirt inspired look. With its split front yoke, soft gathers and dramatic high low shirttail hem, this top is perfect for many occasions!"

I can see this oversized and french-tucked into jeans; It's so cute!

The fabric choices for this month are:
    • Solid Scarlet, 100% Rayon Challis
    • Solid Khaki, 100% Rayon Challis
    • Solid Ivory, 100% Rayon Challis
    • Bandana Print, 100% Rayon Challis
    • Floral Print, 100% Rayon Challis
    • Hearts Print, 100% Rayon Challis

I chose the Solid Ivory because it will coordinate with just about anything, but I was soooooo tempted to get that red! There were some beautiful fabrics to choose from this month and the rayon challis will be perfect for this top.

Your box comes with a card right on top that includes all of the pertinent information for the month including a code that you can use to download a digital version of the pattern. It gives you the current Sew Along dates and a QR code that takes you right to the video tutorial and resources for the month.

First out is our fabric. For this pattern, I received 2.75 yards of the Ivory rayon challis. They will send you enough fabric to make the largest version of the pattern in your size range. It also gives us care instructions for pre-washing our fabric! Love that detail.

This fabric is so soft and has a beautiful drape, but is matte and breathable like a cotton. 

Be aware that rayon will shrink and shrink and shrink again. I pre-washed my fabric, but instead of hanging it to dry I threw it in the dryer on a low heat setting. It want it pre-shrunk, just in case. I'm also sewing it 1-2 sizes larger than I usually wear. 

(Dear reader: You may wonder why I'm taking so many precautions. You may think I'm taking unnecessary, and even ridiculous, steps. Well, dears, my husband does most of the laundry; Even those items I beg him not to launder because they need special treatment. You would think with this enthusiasm for laundry that he would be some kind of guru by now, but you would be wrong. I can only surmise that somewhere, at some time, a piece of clothing hurt him and now he seeks revenge against all clothingkind. Guess who just threw my cashmere and wool sweaters in the washer with some Arm & Hammer detergent? I hide lingerie bags full of delicate fabrics in the back of my closet for a reason. Anywhoo...)

Next out is a spool of matching thread. Not only is the color matched, but we're given the best type of thread for the project. We are also given 2 of the correct machine needles for our fabric type and weight, and a little skein of matching embroidery floss to make the tassels.

Next out is our paper pattern, the Valetta Top by Blank Slate Patterns. It will come with all of the pattern pieces in your chosen size range.

Next out is our first "extra", an ergonomic seam ripper (may you never need it.) It is a really nice ripper (may you never need it) and has a soft silicone grip. It even comes with a cap! (may you never need it.) *spits through two spread fingers and turns 3 times counter-clockwise.*

Next is our 2nd extra, a little decor card! So cute and absolutely true. 🀣 This would be so cute framed in a group of other little sewing-related pics as sewing room decor.

Last out is our 3rd extra, a Charcoal Peel Off Mask! I love how she includes little extra treats and this one will encourage you to take some "me" time.

So that was what is inside the IndieStitch February 2023 box. It is still available for purchase if you want to get in on making this cute top. I believe this one is an "Intermediate" pattern mostly because of the difficulty in sewing slinky fabrics but they provide resources on how to sew Rayon, sewing gathers, and a video made by the owner of IndieStitch about the pattern and some size tips. She also does a step-by-step Sew Along for each pattern, so if you're a beginner, I would say that this is 100% doable. 

I'm so excited about this top! It would look super-cute with some embroidery, too, but I'll have to brush up on my skills before I attempt that. 

I didn't have time last month to show you my finished leggings (I actually made a little serger boo-boo with the seam widths that made them too small for me. Luckily, they fit my teen perfectly.) but this month I'm going to film a little Reel for my IG to show you my finished Valetta Top. Follow me on Instagram (you can find IndieStitch here) and click the little bell icon to get notified when I upload a new post or reel. 

I absolutely love that they include everything you might need to just get down to sewing, including the correct fabric, thread, and needles for your machine. We also get a cool, indie pattern. This box is a treasure for home sewists!


So far we know that March's pattern will be the Sawyer Lounge Dress by Petite Stitchery!

Ultra comfy and made for lounging, the Sawyer will be a staple for easy mornings and cozy nights. Slouchy and oversized, with fun exposed seams will keep you stylish while relaxed!

Options and Details:
    -Mini or Midi length
    -High or Modest slits
    -Modest, V-neck and Plunge Back necklines
    -Folded or Simple sleeve
    -Back ties or stationary back band
    -Exposed Seams

How cute is this?! This would be a great switch for a robe when lounging around the house. The plunge-back option is calling my name and it has pockets! Can't wait to see the fabric choices!

If you'd like to subscribe to IndieStitch Monthly Sewing Kits, you can get 30% off your first box on the 6- or 12-month plans, but the absolutely lovely owner offered something even better for my readers!

You can get 50% Off your first box on the 6- or 12-month plans with code SOUTHERNMOM50 here.

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What did you think of IndieStitch? Do you like the pattern for this month? What other kinds of garments would you like to see come in the box? I love to read your comments!

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