Southern Mom Loves: Norlii February 2023 Unboxing + an Exclusive 20% Off Discount Code!

Norlii February 2023 Unboxing + an Exclusive 20% Off Discount Code!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I received a box from Norlii in order to facilitate an unboxing. All opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links. 

Hi, guys. I'm here with an unboxing of the Norlii Box for February 2023! Norlii is a bi-monthly Scandinavian lifestyle and decor subscription box service that curates unique, elegant home decor and lifestyle items to help you get your Hygge on. Check out what was in the 'Soul Warming' box and get your own Norlii box with an exclusive 20% off coupon code just for my readers! Let's unbox it!

About Norlii

Norlii is a Scandinavian subscription box service based in Denmark. They curate authentic Scandinavian home interior and lifestyle items and ship Worldwide. All items are full-sized and from renowned brands. 

If you subscribe, you will receive a curated box every other month (6 boxes a year: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, & Dec) and the retail value of every box is guaranteed to be over $120. Each box is themed and you could get glass or stoneware, cooking items, bath & body, food & drink, bedding, or decor.

They have a Member's Store you can shop every month for pieces that coordinate with the items in your current box. Your subscription will get you a 5% or 10% discount in the store.

If you subscribe and pay per box, the cost is $74.90 every other month. If you subscribe and pay for a year up front, you get a very nice discount (you end up paying just $69.83 per box.) You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. If you don't want to subscribe to recurring shipments, you can always buy a single box for $99. 

Shipping is (in US Dollars) $12.95 to the US + CAN, $19.95 to the Asian Pacific, FREE to the EU + UK, $9.95 to the rest of Europe, and $12.95 to the rest of the world.

You can see all of my past Norlii unboxings here.

Norlii Box February 2023 Unboxing

This box's theme is Soul Warming and it came in a fairly large shipping box. The bigger boxes are always the best! So exciting! 

It always arrives nicely packed because there is usually at least one glass or ceramic piece; The Norlii box ships all of the way from Denmark and I've never received a broken item (knock on wood!) The box comes with a card on top that gives you the details and pricing on each item inside.

This Norlii box is winter-themed with items intended to help you stay cozy. 

"In the depths of winter, nature can be truly breathtaking. However, when temperatures drop and and you start to feel the chill - nothing beats coming back inside for a steaming hot cup of soul-warming wellness! The February box is curated with coziness in mind.; it's time to embrace hygge and relax into warm comfort! All in the beautiful Scandinavian style. Stay warm, Linda"

First out is a pair of Nordic Sand Mugs by Broste Copenhagen ($30).

"The Nordic Sand mug is a classic coffee mug. The mug is part of the NordicSand-range - a rustic-style range of glazed stoneware goods with colors and texture inspired by sand and the Nordic nature. Each piece is handmade, meaning that each piece will be unique in shape and color distribution, adding to the rustic-feel of the range."

I absolutely adore these mugs! The glaze is gorgeous and I love the way that the rim is uneven. They look rustic and minimal, but also very beautiful.

Next out a pair of Teak Latte Spoons by Muubs ($18).

"Use the elegant handmade spoon for hot or cold drinks. Use it as a cafe latte spoon or a spoon for dessert. The wooden spoon has a long, sleek look that will add an elegant look to your table setting. Each spoon is unique, since the beautiful wood grains in the teak wood is individual from spoon to spoon. Teak is not only beautiful in the kitchen, but also functional. Teak wood contains natural oils that are resistant to moisture and bacteria. The wooden spoon by Muubs is a must-have in the modern kitchen to add a natural and warm feel with a history and incomparable handmade details."

Oh, wow. These spoons are beautifully made and add a warmth to your table. I've got some wooden spoons that I use for cooking but never considered them for utensils. They're lovely and I'd love a whole set!

Next out is the Julienne Peeler by Zone Denmark ($20).

"It is the detail that counts. With the julienne peeler in bent steel, you can give your drink or smoothie a tasteful and decorative twist with thin strips of lemon or lime etc. The design is ingeniously beautiful and simple - and it fits nicely in the hand."

I've never seem a peeler or zester quite like this but it's such a good idea! You'll get nice long strips without them breaking.

Last out is the 52cm x 52cm Velvet Cushion Cover in Smoke with a Duck Feather & Down Cushion Filler by Ib Laursen ($59).

"Large square velvet cushion with feather inner in a classic smoke grey colour. This cushion is soft and luxurious. You cannot go wrong with this cushion. It goes with absolutely everything: blues, pinks, yellows, greens, naturals, white, black, everything! And the velvet will add a sumptuous quality to any bed, chair or sofa. Zip closure. Comes complete with feather inner."

"The Ib Laursen cushion filling is filled with duck feathers and down. Just put it in the pillow case and you'll have a cuddly pillow for your couch, armchair or bed."

If you could see my bed, you'll know I love a good pillow, and this one is fantastic! It's a super-fluffy feather-and-down pillow with a soft cotton velvet cover. The grey color is such a nice, warm tone and it's rather large; it would look great on a couch or chair.

That was the February 2023 Norlii box! The theme of staying in and staying cozy is rather apt right now; We're expecting an ice storm tonight and I will definitely be inside with my cozy pillow, drinking hot chocolate.

The value of this box was $127 and as always, everything was of excellent quality. I absolutely enjoyed this box and if you love updating your home decor, you will, too.

Thanks to Norlii, I've got an exclusive coupon code just for my readers! 

For 20% off of your Norlii Box subscription, use code Southern20 here!

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What do you think of Norlii? Are you a decor minimalist or a maximalist? I love to read your comments!

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