Southern Mom Loves: Get Ready for Back to School with a DIY Snack Station!

Get Ready for Back to School with a DIY Snack Station!

Monday, July 11, 2016

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

You read that right! Although it feels like summer just started, it's already time to start thinking about Back to School. We start here in less than a month, so it's time to start thinking about getting back into the swing of things, and to help you do that, I have a fun DIY for an after school Snack Station featuring the new Tiny Toast cereal available at Kroger!

When people think about portable after school snacks, they usually don't think of cereal, but if you look at the labels you absolutely can find a healthier snacking cereal. 

Do you guys remember French Toast Crunch?! The new twist on that old favorite comes in two flavors - Strawberry and Blueberry - and they're actually made with real strawberries and blueberries!

In addition, it contains NO artificial flavors & coloring, NO high fructose corn syrup, and only 9 grams of sugar!

On top of all that, it's super-cute. Look at the itty-bitty slice of toast, you guys!

It makes a great breakfast in a bowl or a dry snack on-the-go, and now you can get it at your local Kroger store! Don't forget to grab your coupon for $1 off a box of Tiny Toast before you go shopping.

Making a DIY Snack Station is a great way to have a selection of snacks on hand that the kids can grab themselves. Keep it in the pantry, a cabinet, or leave it out on the counter if you have the room and the kids will always know where to grab a snack.

Armed with a box of snack-sized ziplock bags, you can really think out of the box about your additions. Cereal is a great snack food if portioned out into individual servings. Plus, buying a large box of cereal is incredibly cost-effective when purchasing snacks.

Other ideas for your snack station are: granola bars, cereal bars, yogurt raisins, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, and popcorn. You can make an additional Snack Station for cold foods and keep it in the refrigerator. Additions for that one could include juice boxes, apples, string cheese, and fruit cups. Just remember that you can save a ton by buying the larger packages and portioning them out.

I found this simple plastic bin for $1, and with it being plastic, you can use dry erase markers to change out a message on your bin, or even let the kids write down what they'd like to see go in the bin on the next grocery shopping trip. Use a permanent marker, paint, or vinyl cutouts for a more lasting label.

Begin by thoroughly washing and drying your bin. Besides being manhandled in the store, it was probably sitting in a dusty warehouse at some point.

Label it however you like. "Wolverine Food" would have been a good one for our house. ;)

I'm using snack-sized bags because you can't really overfill them. They hold about a cup, which is the max for a snack-sized portion of food.

I like to use a measuring cup when I do this and check the serving size on each food that I portion out. While the portion of cereal may be 3/4 cup, the serving size on yogurt raisins is much, much less.

Remove as much air as you can while zipping the bags and fill your bin!

I was able to fit 24 snack-sized portions in a small 10" x 8" x 5" bin, so you don't need to go much bigger than that. That's 12 days of snacks for 2 kids!

I hope you guys have fun making your own DIY Snack Station!

Don't forget to grab your $1 OFF coupon! Who doesn't want to save on their grocery bill?!


Do you have teens or tweens? What is your after-school snack situation like? Will you be trying Tiny Toast? I love to read your comments!

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