Southern Mom Loves: 5 Ways to Update a Front Porch

5 Ways to Update a Front Porch

Monday, September 5, 2016

With cooling temperatures comes the perfect weather to make updates outside. Think of your front porch as a greeting to the world. It's how your home says hello to all those that pass by. If your front porch has seen better days, it might not be the welcoming greeting you'd hoped for. The good news is there are simple ways to update a front porch. Whether you give it a good cleaning or a lick of paint, your front porch can soon be a welcoming area that offers a warm smile to those passing by.

5 Ways to Update a Front Porch

1. Paint the Front Door

The first thing you can do to transform to look of your porch drastically is to paint the front door. This is the perfect way to add a pop of color to the outside of your home. Choose a color that compliments the color of your siding. For example, if your home is charcoal gray, paint the front door teal. This is another instant facelift that you're going to absolutely love. Don't forget to remove or tape off any metal hardware like knockers, knobs, or kickplates.

2. Pressure Wash the Area

Another thing you want to do is wash the area. You'd be surprised at how good your porch can look with a thorough cleaning. If you don't have a pressure washer, a long-handled brush and soapy water will do the job, it'll just take a bit longer. 

3. Add Greenery

Greenery is another easy way to update your front porch. You can hang ferns, install flower boxes and fill them with colorful flowers, or you could place a couple large planters on either side of the front door to house small evergreen trees.

4. Update the Concrete or Wood

The concrete and wood of your front porch is easy to update. You can find products that you paint onto the wood or concrete that will restore the look. If your front porch is completely shot, this won't help, but if it's just got a few rough spots here and there, it's a great option that is very affordable. If the wood or concrete is in good shape, but you simply hate the color, you can stain the area a different color for an instant facelift. 

5. Create a Seating Area

Last, but not least, create a comfortable seating area that invites guests to sit down and stay for a while. It can be something as simple as two rocking chairs and a side table or a porch swing. If you already have furniture on the porch, consider updating it with a coat of fresh paint and new fabric.

Your front porch doesn't have to be boring. There are simple and affordable things you can do to make your front porch a welcoming area of the home that invites guests to sit and stay for a while.


Could your front porch use an update? Did you find any useful tips here? I love to read your comments!

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