Southern Mom Loves: Weekly Wrap-Up #3

Weekly Wrap-Up #3

Sunday, March 11, 2018

This week has been so hectic I almost didn't write this week's post.

Do you ever feel like a taxi service? I should install a meter, lol! The kids have had a ton of extracurricular and friend activities this week and I'm about done in by it.

I've also had a lot of disappointments finding things for posts I'm working on. The downside of living in a smaller city is that you can't always find the things you're looking for and you end up driving to every corner of the city with several stops in between. Amazon to the rescue!

We had a few pretty warm days near the end of the week and took advantage where we could with an evening walk in a local park. I can't stand the cold, so I feel like I've been cooped up all winter. I can't wait for full-on warm weather!!!

I posted a fun bath bomb DIY on Tuesday. You guys, I love doing those bath bomb posts, mostly because it's an excuse to try out new bath bombs, but I also have some great ideas for some fun bombs. Do you like these DIY bath/body posts? Do you want to see more?

I've also been working on a post for next Monday for a DIY hair accessory with several ways to wear it. I'm excited about this one because it turned out to be so pretty. I'll be wearing it all spring and summer because it's so versatile. Hope you love it!

How has your week been?

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