Southern Mom Loves: Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box {August 2019} Unboxing + DIY Clear Skin Roll-On Recipe!

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box {August 2019} Unboxing + DIY Clear Skin Roll-On Recipe!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I received a box from Simply Earth in order to facilitate an honest review; All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Hey, y'all! I'm back with a sneak peek unboxing of the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for August and this one is MY JAM! It's all about skincare and instead of giving you a few random recipes, they've given you a recipe for each step of your skincare routine! I also have a code that will get you a Big Bonus Box and a $40 gift card to Simply Earth. I loved unboxing this one and I've got a DIY essential oil recipe for you that will help clear up blemishes + soothe skin!

If you haven't seen one of my Simply Earth unboxings yet, the Essential Oil Recipe Box is a monthly curated box of 4 essential oils with containers and ingredients to make 6 essential oil recipes (This month, it's 7 recipes!) They always have a timely theme and August's box is all about natural skincare! 

They send me these boxes before they're up for sale to give you guys a peek at what will be available in the upcoming month, so if you like the box I'm showing you, it's not too late to get it! If you'd like to see some of their past boxes, you can find all of my Simply Earth unboxings here.

This Clear Skin Roll-On is a great way to treat the occasional blemish or a whole breakout. It uses the Clear Skin Blend from Simply Earth, but if you don't have that one, the oils in that blend are Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry, & Lemon. 

Tea Tree is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial while Cedarwood and Juniper Berry are skin-soothers. Vitamin C is a great skin brightener so I love that they added lemon to their blend. It's all mixed with Almond oil, which absorbs quickly and is an incredible skin moisturizer.

We'll make that one coming up, but first, let's see what's in next month's box!

As always, the box includes a pre-printed sticker sheet so that you can label your DIY creations and also label the tops of your new essential oil bottles.

The recipe cards included in this month's box are:

  • Feel Good Morning Diffuser
  • Step 1: Frankincense Face Scrub
  • Step 2: Rosemary Facial Steam
  • Step 3: Skin Renewing Face Mask
  • Step 4: Hydrosol Facial Toner
  • Step 5: Moisturizing Face Cream
  • Step 6: Clear Skin Roll-On

Included in the box is a 2 oz. bottle of Lavender Hydrosol.

Also included is a compressed Sheet Mask! How cool is that?! I've been scheming on how to make my favorite serums into sheet masks, so I thought this was a cool thing to include.

The Essential Oils included in this month's box are:

Wow! The total value of this month's oils is $58.96!

The only complaint about the box this month is that 2 of the recipes require Aloe Vera gel and it's not included. Usually, the recipe requirements are pretty easy and include things that most people have in their kitchens or around the house, like flour, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, etc., but the only Aloe gel I have contains Menthol and Lidocaine for sunburns. I don't know many people who have straight Aloe gel in the house. 

I can see why they didn't include it because the oils in this one had such a high value, but the point of the box is to allow anyone to make these recipes easily so it was a bit of a fail for me, but maybe I'm the weirdo that doesn't keep Aloe around! 😆Considering this is the only time I've ever had anything negative to say about these boxes, I'm not mad about it. Now, let's make something cool!

DIY Clear Skin Roll-On
Source: Simply Earth



1. Add the Clear Skin blend directly to the roll-on bottle. If you're using individual oils, I might do 3 drops Tea Tree, 1 drop each of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, & Juniper Berry, and 2 drops Lemon.

2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with Almond oil.

3. Cap the bottle with the rollerball and shake gently to mix.

That's it! Add your handy-dandy label and you're on your way to naturally clearer skin!

If you like the upcoming August box and want to grab it for yourself, you can get it for just $39! 

When you get the box, use my code SOUTHERNMOMGIFTFREE here: to also get the Big Bonus Box + a free $40 gift card to Simply Earth for some extra oils or ingredients to play with!


Are you trying to go more natural with your skincare? What did you like most about this month's box? I love to read your comments!

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