Southern Mom Loves: FabFitFun Summer 2021 Unboxing! Plus, Get a Box for 20% Off!!!

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Unboxing! Plus, Get a Box for 20% Off!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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Hi, guys! I just got my FabFitFun Summer 2021 box and it's time to unbox it! We'll check out everything I chose for my summer glow up and I've also got a discount code so you can get a FabFitFun box for yourself for 20% off!!! Let's get unboxing!

To recap, FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box filled with the best in beauty, wellness, home, fashion, and fitness and everything is full-sized. You can see all of my past FabFitFun spoiler and unboxing posts here.

My box ended up being worth $256 this season. Depending on what you chose during box customizations, your box value could be higher or lower than mine.

The customization period is over for the Summer box but it looks like they changed it so that you are able to make some choices when you sign up now? If you sign up for a box, let me know in the comments below how many items you were able to customize at sign-up.

As of this season, they changed their usual format so that annual members are able to customize the whole box (no more FFF picks) and seasonal members will get to choose 4 categories instead of 3. 

There are now a total of 6 categories instead of 5 with the last being the previous FFF picks. In the 6th category, you can choose 3 smaller-ticket items, 2 larger, or 1 high-value item. It's pretty cool!

If you added on anything in the Add-On Sale or during box customization, your seasonal box and extras will come in a big shipping box. If you didn't get extras, the pretty FFF box alone will arrive at your door.

Now let's unbox it! 

The box includes a magazine every season with information about all of the products, interviews, tips, and member's-only discount codes. 

Every season they choose a new charity to partner with and this season's charity is Make-A-Wish, who helps to grant the life-changing wishes of children with critical illnesses. FabFitFun will match any donation made through their site this season.

The back cover of the magazine contains a Fall teaser along with all of the info for this season's contest. Share pics of your box on Instagram or Twitter with the specified tags and hashtags and you'll be in the running to win a Prize Pack valued at $4,500!

First out of the box is customization item #1. 

I chose the Virginia Wolf Multi Wear Wrap ($60 value). Whether you wear it as a sarong or drape it around your shoulders, this wrap can be styled in so many different ways.

I love being able to choose a wearable option and this wrap/sarong/scarf thing is GORGEOUS and huge! I'm loving the pattern and colors and can't wait to wear this to the beach this summer. 

Next is customization item #2. 

I chose the Draper James Ruffle Nightie ($48 value). Get your beauty sleep in with this adorable sleep dress, complete with a ruffle detail at the hem.

I just wasn't that hyped about this category because I already have everything in it that I might have chosen, so I chose the wearable by default. I wasn't crazy about the pattern, but it was the first thing I used from the box. It is so stinkin' soft and comfy, guys!

Next is customization item #3. 

I chose the Poolside Water Resistant Pouch ($35 value). Take this water-resistant pouch to the pool or the beach. Either way, it’ll keep your essentials protected.

I had a hard time choosing for this category but I settled on this pouch thinking it will come in handy at the beach this summer. 

It is so much bigger than I thought it was with deep gussets on the bottom. I thought maybe it would fit my phone + keys but this will fit everyone's phones and keys! It also surprised me with a wet pouch down the center. I love the pattern as well. 

Next is customization item #4. 

I chose the Ciaté London Watermelon Burst Setting Spray ($22 value). Infused with watermelon extract, this spray will give your skin a dewy finish.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty mad about this category. There were only 4 choices and one of them was a set of activity books, which is something that can be picked up at the dollar store. I've got a lifetime supply of setting sprays, serums, and oils, so it was a matter of choosing which one I might use one day. 

Surprise, surprise, when I got this "setting spray", the box reads more like a moisturizing mist that contains watermelon extract and niacinamide. I am waaaaay more likely to use this skincare-esque spray to cool off during a hot summer in the south than a setting spray. 

Next is customization item #5. 

I chose the dr. brandt Pores no more Purifying Cleanser ($36 value). Remove makeup, residue, and dead skin while banishing sebum and decongesting pores.

This was another category I wanted multiple items from. I chose this cleanser because there are a few skincare brands I will snatch up if I can get them in a box and Dr. Brandt is one of them. Super-happy with my choice!

Last out is customization #6. I chose the (not in order below) Bundle #3 ($55 value) and received:

Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Cookies & Cream ($25). This eyeshadow stick features two neutral shades that can be taken from day to night.

The shades are very pretty and wearable and it comes bundled with a sharpener.

Aria Beauty Reusable Makeup Swabs ($15). Use these reusable makeup swabs to blend out your concealer, fix any eyeliner mishaps, shape your brows, and more!

These silicone swabs are very grabby-textured, almost like an eraser, and can be used to fix makeup mistakes or smudge out your eyeliner. I love that they're reusable!

Barefoot Scientist Pedicure File ($15). Remove calluses, dry skin, and rough patches for your softest feet yet.

It looks fairly smooth in the pics, so I wasn't sure how effective it would be, but yes, it is very effective. Running my finger over it is like running a finger over a microscopic grater. It immediately gave me the fingernails-on-a-blackboard reaction.

I also love that this will be a long-lasting foot file, not like pumice stones or sandpaper-type files that require refills.

So, that was the FabFitFun Summer 2021 box and I loved it much more than I thought I would. There were some meh categories for me this time but I'm very happy with the items that came.

The price of the box is far less than the value of the items you receive, which is something you should look for in a subscription box. These are always curated nicely for the season. I've been subscribed for 3 years and have loved the majority of the boxes so far.

Discount Codes (as of 5/31/21). I will add new codes as I find them!

Get the box for 20% off by clicking here and using the code SUMMERPICKS.

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Do you get the FabFitFun box? What are your favorite items from this season? I love to read your comments!

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