Southern Mom Loves: IPSY Glam Bag PLUS April 2022 Unboxing + All April Products & May Spoilers!

IPSY Glam Bag PLUS April 2022 Unboxing + All April Products & May Spoilers!

Monday, April 11, 2022

I received a complimentary Glam Bag Plus from @IPSY. #GiftedbyIPSY All opinions are my own. This post may contain some affiliate links. 

It's time for the #IPSY Glam Bag PLUS April 2022 unboxing and this month's theme is Keep Growing! I'll tell you a little about IPSY Glam Bag Plus, all of the products that could come in this month's Plus bag, what I got in mine, plus I've got SPOILERS for the May bag! Let's get unbagging!

If you haven't heard of IPSY's Glam Bag Plus yet, they send out 5 full-sized products every month inside a cute drawstring bag for just $28. You get to choose 3 of your items from a personalized set and IPSY chooses 2 for you. Your bag will have a $120+ value and ships for free.

I really love that you can choose more of your items (3) than with other beauty box subscriptions (usually just 1, if at all) and the brands are on the higher end of the cost spectrum, so it's a really good deal. It's a great treat every month! 

Check out all of my Ipsy unbaggings so far here.

I like to be able to share everything that could come in your month's box. Like most beauty boxes, you will complete quizzes and compile a profile for yourself when you join. That will determine the items that come in your bag and not all bags will look like mine. 

This is everything that could come in a Glam Bag Plus this month.

So many great possibilities! Now, let's see what I got in my bag.

IPSY Glam Bag Plus April 2022

This month's theme is Keep Growing and the Plus bag is made of a waterproof fabric in blue, covered with daisies. It will make the perfect wet bag for swimsuits this summer!

Out of the bag:

"You’re in luck. This four-piece brush set has literally every tool you could possibly need to create any makeup look—they buff in foundation, pat on powder, contour with precision, and apply eyeshadow too."

This brush set is so pretty with nice, thick handles that are easy to grip. The brush heads are very soft and the bristles compact. So happy to add these to my brush collection!

"HipDot's Liquid & Kohl Eyeliner allows for a thin to thick liner application with our unique formula and design that provides a long-lasting liquid formula and a creamy smooth texture kohl eyeliner all in one. Create a precise long-lasting eye look with just one product on the first application!"

I've got 2 of Hipdot's gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, but I've never tried their eyeliner. Happy to, Ipsy!

"A dream for anyone dealing with bumpy skin and congestion, this face scrub uses a combo of kaolin clay, tea tree oil, and tiny buffing beads to deep-clean pores and help prevent breakouts. It’s infused with aloe vera to hydrate and soothe your skin so it never feels stripped or dried out."

I've got a serum from Buttah waiting in the stash so I'm happy to add this into the mix when I bring it out.

"This extreme high-shine gel gloss amplifies any look. Comfortable enough to not weigh you down, reflective enough to celebrate yourself with a shimmer, sparkle or true shine finish."

Blaze is a beautiful dusky rose color and it's perfect for spring.

"Silky, smooth, and highly pigmented, these blushes are a total treat for your skin. Sweep them on your cheeks for a natural-looking flush that lasts for hours.

Blend and build effortlessly with this silky blush palette featuring superfine powder pigments for a natural touch of color. Shades: Magnifique, Mischo, Ijama, Madam"

This palette is so pretty! I'm not big on the orange-y shades but the pink and peach shades on the right are just my speed. Beautiful!


That was the April Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and it was fab! I love FARAH brushes, I got some pretty makeup to play with, and a nice skincare item from a great brand. Love it!

My bag had a $144 value! You can't beat it for just $28 a month.


So far we know these products will be included in the IPSY Glam Bag Plus collection for May 2022.

3. DR. BRANDT SKINCARE Antioxidant Spray Toner ($40)

If you'd like to sign up for the monthly Glam Bag Plus for just $28/month, you can get it here!

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What do you think about the IPSY Glam Bag Plus? I love to read your comments!

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