Southern Mom Loves: Customized Planner from {Review}

Customized Planner from {Review}

Friday, April 18, 2014

I won a Personal Planner from through a blog giveaway and decided to review it for you cause it is so awesome. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are honest and my own.

If you're anything like me, you want to be organized but sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the To Do lists. It seems every time I write one down, my pad disappears and I find it a month later as a bookmark in a gardening magazine. Thanks honey.

I have tried planners in the past, picking them up from whatever office supply store I end up in and here's what I found with those: They come with quite a lot of sections that I don't ever use or don't have the sections I need & if you buy a larger one for business, it's usually awkward to carry around with you. I've gone through many planners in my life and reverted back to a pad of paper on my desk and the Calendar program on my Mac. The problem with that is 'Out of sight, out of mind' for me. I've been late for appointments or missed them altogether because either I didn't get my reminder or I wasn't at the computer to get it.

When I started this blog, I kicked my giant, unwieldy folio planner to the curb and was relying on a notebook for To Do lists, post ideas, and reminders. I showed it to my husband and kids and may have threatened lives if it disappears. It didn't disappear this time, but it did become handy for everyone else's notes...ugh. Something had to change.

Enter They offer completely customizable planners and are extremely affordable. "Customizable" is what got me. Not only can you design your front and back covers, but also the inside sections and even the color of the elastic. Love it! So I thought I would go through the ordering process with you and point out all of the cool features. I'll share my finished planner with a fantastic giveaway at the end!

______________________________________________________ ordering process start
Go to and choose "Create Your Own".

You can then choose between a Planner, Wall Planner, Notebook, or Accessories. I wanted a planner for my desk, so I chose Planner. ordering process choose size
You then choose between Small, Medium, Large, & A5. I chose A5 because I wanted enough room for all of my scribblings, but also wanted to be able to fit it into a bag. All of the planners are under $34.95, which includes shipping and the accessories that come with it. More about those later. ordering process choose covers
This is where you design your front and back covers. You can choose a color, a pattern, or a design, and input your text, or upload a photo to the front and back. You can also add text over your photos, choose the text formatting, choose your elastic color, and most importantly, CHOOSE YOUR START DATE! You do not have to throw away months of calendar because you chose to start in the middle of the year. LOVE this!!!!! ordering process choose format
The inlay section gives you the option for language, calendar layout, design theme for your pages and even your own personal dates. You can go in and save a list of all of your personal dates and they will print on your calendar! You can choose whether you want your days ruled, striped, and/or with a timetable. You can also include things like check boxes to record the day's weather or your workout. ordering process choose modules
Now it's time to choose your modules: the little boxed areas at the bottom need a purpose! There are too many choices to list; everything from exams to music to To Do lists. Very cool. ordering process choose back sections
My favorite part: this is where you choose the contents of your 3 back sections! You can choose from blank or gridded for drawing, ruled for notes, blank sheet music, coloring sheets, sudoku, maps, your own address book (input like your personal dates), or subject sections for teachers or students among other things. I had a hard time choosing!!! ordering process choose owner text
The owner info page is a great touch and something I wouldn't have though to look for in a planner. If you leave it in a coffee shop or drop it somewhere, hopefully the person that finds it can get in touch with you right? You can choose from theirs or write your own message and be as businesslike or humorous as you want. Only input the contact info you feel comfortable giving out. ordering process order
You're all done! You only have to order to get your super-cool planner. And see that $0 shipping? Sweet.


Now for the reveal:

Customized Planner from Review & Giveaway

Customized Planner from Review & Giveaway

I got my customized planner in the mail and was pleasantly surprised by the durable front and back cover...covers. They aren't just thin sheets of acetate, these are thick, hard plastic sheets that will protect your cover designs and keep your edges from bending or crushing.

Customized Planner from Review & Giveaway

It came with a grey elastic that matched my blog theme and I just had to insert it into the back cover...cover. Um. I'm going to have to figure out what to call that...

Customized Planner from Review & Giveaway

The inside was exactly as I had designed it and even came with a ruler/bookmark. All of my personal dates along with holidays were neatly printed under each date.

Customized Planner from Review & Giveaway

It also came with a clear pocket that can be inserted anywhere in the planner to collect receipts, business cards random people hand to you, or whatever else you need to keep there.

Customized Planner from Review & Giveaway

I chose gridded for my first section for any sketches that pop into my head and ruled for the large middle section for notes. 

Customized Planner from Review & Giveaway

And for the last section I chose Maps! Beautiful, colorful, maps! Can you tell I have a thing for maps? I just couldn't resist. I love to travel and plan, so this is my dream section. And when the planner is done, I can use them for cute projects.

So there you have it folks: Easy, cute, and super-useful!

You can find them around the web here: Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: @personal_planner

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