Southern Mom Loves: Mommy Storytime: Daniel Tiger and the Hot Date

Mommy Storytime: Daniel Tiger and the Hot Date

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My life is sometimes ridiculous. I've been thinking about sharing some stories, so I'm introducing Mommy Storytime; A series where I can share the random-est of the random.

My kids say the most off-the-wall things sometimes, and well, my daughter said something this morning, and I just can't resist sharing. She didn't actually ask me where babies come from, and for that I'm grateful. That's going to take more than the 15 minutes before school.

So, we have a morning routine. If my daughter finishes getting dressed, eating breakfast, and brushing her teeth on time, then she gets to watch an episode of something on Netflix before school. This morning she chose Daniel Tiger.

Today's episode was about: I don't even know. I came back in when the babysitter arrived to watch Daniel Tiger while his parents went out on a date. They told Daniel Tiger that they were going out dancing...

My daughter said, "Are you sure they're going out dancing? Because in the description it says Daniel Tiger gets a baby sister."

LOL "I think that said baby-sitter."

Do you have any funny kid stories? What was your favorite teaching moment? I love to read your comments!

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