Southern Mom Loves: Our Holiday Morning Family Traditions

Our Holiday Morning Family Traditions

Friday, December 8, 2017

I received products from Treetopia in order to facilitate a conversation. All opinions are my own.

Every family has their holiday traditions. Whether you got yours from your parents or invented your own, our traditions are a wonderful way of reliving the joy of the holidays year after year. This year I've partnered with Treetopia and 9 other amazing bloggers from the US and UK for a Holiday Morning Traditions blog hop! Each day we'll be publishing a new post featuring our decorated trees along with our own unique holiday morning traditions.

I'm bringing up the end of this fun Treetopia blog hop with my own decor and traditions.

When it comes to decorating my tree I like to change it up from year to year. This year I tried something new with ribbon and I just love how it turned out.

I'm decorating the 7' Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree with Clear lights from Treetopia. This is the most gorgeous artificial tree I've ever seen! The branches are far denser than any artificial tree I've had and I've even had guests have to look closer to be able to tell it's not real. They have gorgeous Green and Colorful Trees and the perfect Wreaths & Garlands for your holiday decor. (Psst! They're also having a HUGE sale!!!)

To create this crisscrossed effect, choose a wide 2"-3" wired ribbon. You'll need six lengths of it twice the height of your tree, so if you have a 7' tree, you'll need 6 pieces of 14' ribbon. Fasten them at the top with a rubber band or twist tie and start crossing and twisting them about 12" down from the top. The subsequent crosses get farther and farther apart.

Fill it in with ornaments to complete your decorating. I'm using large white poinsettia flowers and red and gold ball ornaments. One of our holiday traditions is to decorate the tree with candy canes. They're so pretty on the tree and make a great treat for whoever passes. :)

Another tradition is our star. My husband and I have had this star ever since our first Christmas together. It doesn't always match my tree decor, but it's something that I can't bear to replace.

 There's something so magical about the tree lit up at night.

Another tradition that we share with a lot of families is having a wreath on the front door.

I'm decorating the 26" Balsam Spruce Wreath with Clear LED lights. It comes in a pack of 2, so they were perfect for our larger-sized front entrance.

I really wanted to do something with birds and berries for outside and I found the perfect additions to my wreaths at my local craft store. I did one wreath with a little red bird in a nest and the other with bluebirds.

When it comes to Christmas mornings, the very first thing the kids can open is the last day of the Advent Calendar. I save the best treats or toys for the last day and they can get into it as soon as they wake up. Next, it's time to wake up mom and dad!

The first thing I go for on Christmas morning is coffee. It's a long day ahead and I need to be able to wake up immediately because then it's time for stockings and presents.

Usually, either my husband or I hand out the gifts and we all open them as we please. I make sure to have a stocking or gift for any overnight guests to open, and I snap photos of all of the smiles that come along. 

My awesome husband makes a big breakfast while the kids play and then it's my turn to start on Christmas dinner. The Christmas celebration lasts all day for us. Maybe that's why it's my favorite time of the year!


What are your holiday morning traditions? I love to read your comments!

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