Southern Mom Loves: Allure Beauty Box Unboxing - January 2019

Allure Beauty Box Unboxing - January 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019

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Hey, guys! Since I canceled my Sephora Play box after last month, I've been looking for a good beauty box to replace it with, so after recommendations and seeing some past boxes, I chose the Allure Beauty Box. It's only $5 more and comes with some full-sized products, too. I got the January box and I'll show you what I got, plus give you spoilers about next month and a warning, too. πŸ˜ž

I chose this box because I saw what came in their December box. There was a gorgeous, full-sized Ofra NikkieTutorials Everglow Highlighter and the Juvia’s Place The Nubian Eyeshadow Palette among other products. I found a spoiler of this box and I was decided; I either loved or wanted to try every single item that was in it!

I like to research the things I'm planning on buying. A lot. There's nothing worse than blowing your hard-earned money on a treat only to have it disappoint you in the end. When I was searching for reviews of this box, I kept coming across warnings about their customer service. Some of the complaints said that they were missing things from their box, contacted CS, and couldn't find anyone to care.

Specifically, one person said that her box came without the Sunday Riley products for this month and she was told there's nothing they could do. Considering I bought this box 80% just for those Sunday Riley products, that will not fly. The recommendation everywhere was to subscribe through Amazon because you'll be dealing with their (better) CS if there's a problem. It's also super-easy to unsubscribe there (just click a button) if that's what you want to do because there were nightmare stories about calling to cancel, too.

I heeded the warnings and ordered through Amazon straight off the bat, even though I had a $5 off code for my first box. I would rather go ahead and pay full price ($15) than take the chance I wouldn't get the complete box. You can find it on Amazon here.

You're also supposed to get a free item with your first box, and in this case, it was an $18 NCLA Nail Polish, but I didn't get it. Womp, womp. I contacted them through Amazon Customer Service so we'll see what happens.

Update: I received the message, "Hi Holly, Thank you for your order and for taking the time to message us! Since you just subscribed to Allure Beauty Box, you will be receiving your free gift at the end of this month. Please hang tight as we get it to you soon. We hope you are enjoying your box! Sincerely, The Allure Beauty Box Team" Cool.

Update #2: I received the polish just when they said I would and it was gorgeous.

Opening the box, there is a guide to all of the products inside, including where to buy them, how much they cost, and some exclusive discount codes, too. There was 15% off your order from Ouai Haircare (15ALLURE) good until February 28th and 25% off your order for Doucce (ALLURE25) good until April 1st.

All of the products came in a really nice, clear makeup bag. It has pretty gold snaps, so I'll definitely get some use out of this. If I continue this subscription (You choose! More on that later) I hope that I don't get the exact bag every month. I might be able to find a good home for 3 or 4 of them, but any more than that will be donations.

First out was this Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask. It's in the mini size and you can buy this size at Sephora for $12. This was the "This or That" product for the month and I wasn't sure if I was going to get this or a set of Micro-Mini Beauty Blenders. I was okay with either one, but I love a good mask, so I'm happy I get to play with this, plus it's Amika, which is an amazing haircare brand.

Now on to the two that I was most excited about. I have been wanting to try out Sunday Riley skincare, but it comes with a pretty big price tag for products that I'm not yet sure will work for me. I was disappointed about not getting the full-sized Luna Oil in the Box of Style Winter Box (they sold out pretty quickly) and they get rave reviews, so I was on the verge.

The first is the Sunday Riley CEO Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil. Since it's not available to purchase by itself yet, it's hard to place a value on it. Their oils usually come in 2 sizes: .5 oz. and 1 oz., so this is a full-sized product. The allure booklet puts the price as $80, but I'm guessing that's for the 1 oz. size, so I'm going to value this one product at $40. Nice! Wonky sticker be damned. πŸ˜œ

The 2nd Sunday Riley product is a .27 oz. sample size, but I'm still super excited. It's another product that hasn't been released to purchase on its own yet: The A+ High-dose Retinoid Serum. I've seen the power of Retin-A on my own skin, so being able to get an over-the-counter product that has the effects of Retin-A but mixed with other, nourishing ingredients to help the drying that comes with it is pretty awesome.

Even though the booklet lists these as being at Sephora for $80 and $85 respectively, the only way you can get these two products right now is through an Early Access box on the Sunday Riley site for $185 (the products included will cost $230 once released separately). The set also includes their Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment and they're all full-sized.

(UPDATE: The A+ Retinol Serum is now available individually and after using it for a month, I can say that it has changed my skin! Find the A+ Retinol serum here. The CEO Glow Facial Oil is said to be available on 3/1.)

Okay, to value this sample, if the full-sized A+ Serum is $85 for the 1 oz. bottle, the .27 oz. sample is worth $22.95. Did I math right? Oh, the things I do for you guys! Pretty nice so far for a $15 box! I love being able to get exclusives!

Next out of the box was this OUAI Haircare Scalp & Body Scrub in a 1 oz. sample size. (8.8 oz. is $38, so the sample value is $4.32?) I saw another scalp scrub come out recently and thought it was a genius idea, so getting this to try was cool. I mean, we exfoliate all of our other skin, and it could help with dandruff and blocked follicle problems, too. I love OUAI and this smells just as lovely as their other hair products.

The other part of this box that I was really excited about was getting new makeup products to try out and they're both full-sized!

The first is the Doucce Relentless Matte Lip Crayon in Winterberry ($22), a pretty cranberry hue. I love a matte lip and this color is perfect to brighten up my lips this winter.

The last item is the Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra ($25) in Burnished Bronze, a gorgeous golden bronze. This color, you guys!

This bronze has a beautiful shimmer in it and glides on so easily. Here is a swatch of the eye pencil + the lip pencil. The colors look beautiful together, so I can't wait to rock this whole look!

Overall, the box contained 2 hair, 2 skincare, and 2 makeup products. It was a nice balance and I know I'm going to thoroughly love all of them. For this box, I received a total of $126.27 in product for $15. That's amazing!

Also, there was no primer to be seen anywhere. πŸ˜†

I saw a photo of February's box online and compared to this and last month's amazing boxes, it was a teeny-tiny let-down. It includes:

I think I would be most excited about the Wander Beauty Mascara. I mean, come on, why hasn't anyone thought of putting mascara in a flexible tube before?! Genius! The eyeshadow trio is pretty, I can always use a new brush to add to the collection, and I'm all about a mask. Should I get it? I'll let you guys decide if you'd like to see an unboxing of that one. Let me know in the comments!

I believe you can still get January's box, as of this writing, so if you were a little jelly, don't worry! Plus, it's just $15; I can't believe what came in this box at that price! It's really a bargain if you're into beauty products.


What do you think of this beauty box? Would you like to see February's box? I love to read your comments!

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