Southern Mom Loves: Need an Affordable Phone for Your Child? {Refurbished iPhone 8 Video Unboxing}

Need an Affordable Phone for Your Child? {Refurbished iPhone 8 Video Unboxing}

Thursday, May 16, 2019

This post is sponsored by Trademore. I was paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

It's that time, guys. Our youngest is getting older and is away from home more, so the hubs and I have decided that it's time she has a phone. When we got her older brother's first phone, we went with a more budget-friendly refurbished iPhone, so naturally, that's what I was looking for, but not all sellers are the same. I got a refurbished iPhone 8 from Trademore and decided to unbox it in a video right in front of you guys. I was a bit shocked, to say the least! Keep reading to see what was in the box...

When deciding what kind of phone to get for a child, I'm most interested in the parental controls and the iPhone's are pretty good. On top of that, the iPhone has been the phone of choice for both of the kids. I don't know if that's because most of their friends have iPhones, but it's what they want.

Now, iPhones are not the most affordable phone out there. You may laugh when your kid asks you for a thousand dollar iPhone for their birthday, but you can get them at a more affordable price if you get it used. Not gross "used", but refurbished "used". When you buy a refurbished phone, it's inspected and cleaned, and depending on how much you're willing to pay for the condition, can come looking brand-new.

When we bought a refurbished iPhone for our oldest, it was...okay. I bought it from an online seller and saved a ton of money over buying it new. The condition of the back case was a little rough, but it is still functioning perfectly to this day. While I wasn't 100% happy with the phone that came for our son, I was planning to buy my daughter's phone from the same seller because I didn't know who else I could buy from that I could trust.

When I was contacted by Trademore, I had never heard of them. I checked out their website and was pleased with what I saw. They had a huge selection of devices and the prices were great, but what condition would it arrive in? Check out the video below to see me unbox an iPhone 8 from Trademore.

I was shocked.

What I love: 
1. It was easy to pick out a phone and see the prices for all of the options I wanted. You can also save even more for choosing a lesser condition and all of the pricing is transparent. They have free 2-day shipping, so you don't have to wonder how much to add into the budget for shipping or wait around wondering if it will get there on time for a birthday.

2. It came in a nice box that protected the phone during shipping, but can also be wrapped and gifted. I had to search for a box for my son's phone to wrap it in for his birthday, so this was a nice surprise.

3. The prices were pretty darn amazing. Make sure to watch my video for the unboxing!

4. The phone came in perfect condition. I chose a phone in "excellent" condition, and the phone that came was really excellent!

All devices available for purchase go through a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection for quality, reliability, and functionality and have all received a 100% inspection score. If you're buying it from Trademore, you know it had to pass with flying colors.

So, I can highly recommend Trademore. I was super-impressed and I'm so glad that I know about them now! I would absolutely purchase from them in the future, and their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and free returns make it an easy choice. Check out all of the devices they have for sale here.

In addition to buying a phone from them, they will also buy your old phone from you! You can sell it outright or trade it in and save some money towards the cost of a newer device. Check out their service for a competitive offer on smartphones, tablets, and wearables, like Apple Watches.

Trademore sends you a free, pre-packaged, pre-paid, envelope with all the instructions to send in your phone. Once you receive an offer from Trademore, it's locked-in for 30 days so there's no rush! If you have a device you want to get rid of, make a little cash and check out Trademore Sell here.

I hope this post helped you out. If your kids are asking for the latest phones, you can get them refurbished for so much less and Trademore's prices and services are the best I've seen!


Is your child asking for the latest and greatest phone? Have you ever bought refurbished? I love to read your comments! 

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