Southern Mom Loves: Alltrue Fall 2021 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon Code for 20% Off!

Alltrue Fall 2021 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon Code for 20% Off!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

This post contains some affiliate links.

Hey, guys! Choice time is open for the Alltrue Fall 2021 box! Alltrue is a quarterly subscription box filled with socially conscious and eco-friendly items. If you wanted to sign up, now is the time! I've got spoilers for ALL of the box products. I also have a discount code so you subscribe for 20% off!!! FULL SPOILERS AHEAD!

Alltrue is a quarterly (4 times per year) membership and the box ships for free. Every box features an ecofriendly selection of items that range from beauty and fashion to home and beyond. All items included are ethically made. 

There are 2 memberships: quarterly and annual. Quarterly members will pay for one box each season at $54.95 (the first Intro box is $25) while annual members who pay a year in advance end up paying $49.95 per box (and get their first Intro box for free).

Annual Members also get access to Box Customization, which means that they have access to choose their products in every choice category every season. Quarterly memberships have the opportunity to choose in up to three choice categories every season.

Both Quarterly and Annual Members get access to the seasonal Add-On Market, which is open for around a week at the start of every season and products are up to 70% off.  I'va also got some Add-On spoilers for you!

In addition, there is the members-only Essentials Shop. The Essentials Shop is an always-open market featuring hundreds of replenish-able household essentials, from clean dish soap to sustainable toothpaste. 

You can check out my Summer 2021 Alltrue unboxing post here.

Let's get to the Alltrue Fall 2021 SPOILERS!

Category 1:

Luxury skincare... but make it certified organic, certified toxic-free, certified vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, and EWG verified with sustainable packaging and a laundry list of positive reviews.

It's no wonder Grown Alchemist's everyday facial moisturizer has become a cult-favorite. Made with a medley of hydrating and healing ingredients like camellia, rosehip, aloe vera, and jojoba oil, its velvety texture works to nourish, smooth, and balance the skin, leaving a non-greasy and visibly hydrated glow behind.

These wool dryer balls do everything dryer sheets can and then some, keeping fabrics soft, unwrinkled, and static-free — naturally. Plus, they reduce dry time (aka lower energy costs and consumption) by up to 30% (!). Simply toss your laundry in the dryer, add all 3 dryer balls, remove your softened laundry, and leave the dyer balls behind for the next load.

As consumers, we think about what we eat, but not about what we allow to touch our skin and how the ingredients can (and do) leach into our bloodstreams. In 2005, the founder of Molly's Suds lost her daughter to stillbirth. This tragedy is what led her to the discovery that in the US alone, 80,000 chemicals are approved for use, while only 200 have been tested for human safety.

Note: These dryer balls are *not* vegan. 

These measuring spoons by Kitchen Innovations have been a past favorite from our seasonal Add-On Market, so we decided to bring them into the box. Made with silicone (and one with beechwood for visual interest!), this set is flexible, odorless, and contains no fillers or byproducts. It’s a safer, non-stick alternative to your classic plastic goods. Reinforced with a steel core for durability, the silicone measuring spoons are heat resistant to 482°F.

Pro tip: for best results, toss the silicone teaspoons in the dishwasher for a quick clean and hand wash the wooden tablespoon.

Category 2:

Earth Harbor Seas the Day Luxury Skincare Bundle ($80)

This cleanser, mask, and toner trio work together to remove, purify, and hydrate.

• Start with the SUNSHINE DEW Antioxidant Cleansing Oil. This gentle elixir removes grime, makeup, and the stress of each day with no tugging, scrubbing, or rough rubbing required. Gently shake the bottle, and apply a few drops to your face, then splash with tepid water and watch your makeup melt away!

• Next up, use the purifying GLOW JUICE Refining Enzyme Mask. Made with vitamin C-rich red seaweed and fruit enzymes filled with AHAs, this mask resurfaces, cools, and firms skin. Apply to clean skin and let sit for 3 minutes.

• Last but certainly not least is the TIDAL ROSE Crystal Hydration Toner. Shake the toner to activate, then spritz your face for a final burst of hydration. This works great as a setting spray, too!

LSTN Sound Co. Wanderlust Portable Speaker ($99.99)

Whether you're hiking, biking, or hosting a backyard dinner with friends this fall, take your tunes to-go with this Wanderlust Portable Speaker. Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and complete with an aux cord just in case, use it to pick your favorite playlist or go old school and listen to the radio. Fully charged in 1-2 hours, enjoy 2-3 hours of musical delight. This version of LSTN's Wanderlust speaker was customized specifically for Alltrue members, removing the original leather strap and swapping it for a vegan alternative.

Note: This product was featured in our Summer Welcome '21 Box. If you're a Quarterly Member who's already received the Wanderlust Portable Speaker, we're working on a feature to ensure that you don't receive a repeat before shipping begins.

This versatile carry-all is roomy enough to tote of your essentials (including a 13 inch laptop!), with outer pockets for easy access, inner pockets and divides to keep things organized, and a removable strap so you can wear it as both a crossbody *and* a classic tote.

Though its soft, earthy, and high-quality material may feel like natural leather, this tote is in fact made from Henny + Lev's signature waterborne polyurethane — a sustainable alternative that’s cruelty free, vegan, and made without any solvents, removing harmful and toxic chemicals from the manufacturing process and swapping them for good old fashioned water.

Small Hours Set of 5 Stackable Pantry Containers ($50)

These stackable pantry containers will help you get all those rogue packaged goods in order, keeping food fresh and shelves chic and organized. With 1 large, 2 medium, and 2 small containers, they're perfect for any part of the house — from the kitchen to the laundry room.

They’re also perfect for bulk shopping! Just bring an empty container with you, fill it with your grains, oats, snacks, or flour — no additional plastic packaging required, and be sure to give the tare weights (aka the weight of the container with nothing in it) to your cashier when you check out so they can deduct it from the product weight.

Pro tip: hand wash these containers for best care.

Hands up if you've ever made a cup of tea that was too hot to drink, set it down, forgotten about it, and suddenly it was too cold. This Smart Heated Mug aims to tackle that very experience, keeping your coffee, cocoa, and tea comfortably warm (even when you're stuck in back-to-back Zoom meetings).

Once you've prepared your drink of choice in the ceramic (and perfectly sized, might we add) emerald mug, simply plug in the mug warmer, rest it on a level surface close by, and set your mug in the center of the base. The heating base will automatically turn on when you set the mug down and shut off when you pick it up, while the lid works to help keep heat in. Plus, it doubles as a tea bag holder once you've steeped your tea to perfection!

Category 3:

Gold has long been used for its skin healing properties, reviving damaged skin and increasing cell activity — it's only in recent years that it caught the attention of beauty experts everywhere!

These luxe eye treatments are made with pure nano-active 24K gold particles that work together with skin-loving nutrients like seaweed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to hydrate, brighten, tighten, protect, and soothe to reverse the signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes.

BeMakai Manta Hair Towel Wrap ($22)

Wet hair is vulnerable hair, and those early post-shower moments can make all the difference. The Manta Hair Towel Wrap offers a quicker, gentler dry.

Made with 40% bamboo and 60% recycled polyester, its super-soft, extra absorbent material hugs your hair to absorb the excess moisture quickly, leaving curls, waves, and straight hair alike with less breakage and a frizz-free finish. Just wrap your freshly washed hair, use the handy coconut button to secure it in place, and wear it around the house while you get ready.

Category 4:

Aloette Winkable Lift & Lengthen Vegan Mascara ($26)

Whether you favor that bare-faced look or love to experiment with the bright and bold, a good mascara is a must-have in any make-up bag — and this Aloette mascara is one of our favorites!

We took one of Aloette's most-loved mascaras and tweaked it juuuust a little for Alltrue, making the formula fully vegan. A blend of nourishing Argan Oil, rice, and orange peel waxes works like your classic conditioner — but for your eyelashes, moisturizing and strengthening each lash without any clumping.

EACH Jewels Layering Necklace Set ($42)

When it comes to jewelry, our curators have high standards. We seek out versatile pieces, made well and ethically, that can be worn and cherished everyday. This minimalist and delicate set of necklaces is everything we look for and then some!

Bold enough to wear individually, complementary enough to wear together, reserved enough to mix and match with the rest of your jewelry box, and dainty enough to effortless pair with your wear-everywhere classic pendant, each necklace is made from 14k gold plated steel with an adjustable length for layering. Hypoallergenic, lead, nickel, and cadmium free, this duo is perfect for everyday.

Headbands of Hope Set of 2 Knotted Headbands ($35)

For many of us, the return to life on-the-go also means the return to dry shampoo and messy buns thrown up on a busy morning. Enter: headbands. Not only do they add an element of ease to our increasingly busy lives, they're also an adorable addition to any outfit (and a staple in the wardrobe of our Head of Product!)

Offered in two patterns — mustard antique floral and navy antique floral — we collaborated with Headbands of Hope to custom design this darling duo for the Alltrue community. Made with a polyester fabric blend sourced from recycled plastic bottles and extra padding behind the ears to help reduce that headband headache, we fit-tested across a range of hair types and head shapes to find a sizing that works for most.

Category 5:

Serene House USA Ion Fan Diffuser & Inspire Essential Oil ($30)

This little diffuser is compact, battery operated, and entirely water free — perfect for scenting small spaces! Keep it in your laundry room, bathroom, car, or take it with you for a sense of familiarity as you make your way back out into the world of hotels, airbnb's, and childhood bedrooms.

Inside, you'll find all 8 paper pads. Each one is good for 10-15 uses, depending on how much oil you use. 

Formulated to help you find your creative spark, the Inspire Essential Oil Blend included combines six vibrant scents: lemon, blood orange, orange, lime, geranium, and eucalyptus. Simply pour this blend (or one of your choice!) onto the paper pad, pop it into the device, and turn it on to trigger the fan inside for an instantly refreshed space.

Accompany Jute Welcome Mat ($38)

Welcome back your much-missed family and friends with this handwoven homeware, perfect for indoor or outdoor covered use.

This message of community was crafted with care in Banskho, Rajasthan, using 100% natural jute fibers sourced in Calcutta, and embroidered with black nylon lettering in Jaipur.

Botanica Speckled Ceramic Candle ($34)

This Speckled Ceramic Candle is about to become your new fall favorite. Made with 100% soy wax, a cotton wick, 35-45 hours of burn time, and an "Autumn Sunset" scent, it features bright notes of persimmon, red currant + koba, and mandarin.

Better still, the custom ceramic vessel can be repurposed into the winter months! Once burned down, clean it out with warm water and give it a new life as a coffee mug, pencil holder, or home to a potted plant.

Category 6 (everyone receives):

An everyone-gets-one option in the Fall Box, this award-winning body balm from Huna offers year-round moisture and protection from the elements. Made with nourishing, healing, and natural ingredients like calendula, organic mango butter, pomegranate, avocado, carrot, broccoli, and chia seed oil, it works to soothe dry, damaged, dehydrated skin and protect healthy skin (looking at you, cracked, cold-weather lips!). This version of the Nourish Skin Balm is also fully vegan, customized for the Alltrue community to swap out beeswax for candelilla wax.

To use it, just apply and massage a pea sized amount over the skin and watch the warmth of your fingers melt it into a buttery balm. As a non-comedogenic, 100% natural, GMO-free, cruelty-free, and gluten free product, it acts as multipurpose miracle balm — use it day or might as a lip balm, cuticle conditioner, or night treatment for dry areas such as elbows, knees, ankles, or feet.

Pro tip: use it as a gentle oil make up remover!

That was all of the items for Alltrue Fall 2021. This is going to be an excellent box! The price of the box is way less than the value of the items that you receive, which is something you should look for in getting a subscription box. It's curated nicely for the season and I loved the Summer 2021 box.

Get 20% off your first box by clicking here and using the code FALLING!

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What do you think of the Alltrue Fall spoilers? What are your must-have items this season? I love to read your comments!

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