Southern Mom Loves: GreenUP Box Fall 2021 UNBOXING + Get $50 in Free Gifts!

GreenUP Box Fall 2021 UNBOXING + Get $50 in Free Gifts!

Monday, October 18, 2021

I received a GreenUP Box in order to facilitate a post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain some affiliate links. 

I've got a new box for you to see! Today, I'm unboxing the Fall 2021 GreenUP Box, a quarterly subscription box that delivers the newest and most innovative zero waste plastic swaps that can help you become more sustainable season by season. It's a great way to sift through the noise to find ways to curb our plastic use with quality products. I'll tell you a little about GreenUP, show you what's in the Fall box, and tell you how to get $50 in Free Gifts!

About GreenUP

Join the movement. Be the Change You Wish to See. You care a lot about the plastic problem and you're busy with competing priorities and a full life. Introducing greenUP's plastic rehab! Join and you'll get a box every season curated with the best plastic swaps.

Each box contains 6-9 artfully crafted, sustainable, and eco-friendly items that are curated around a theme and valued at double the box price! Customize for beegan or vegan. Valued at $100+!

You can buy a single season's box without subscribing for $64.95 per box. You can subscribe to the Quarterly plan and pay $54.95 per box, billed quarterly. You can also subscribe annually and pay $49.95 per box, billed once per year. Shipping is free to the Contiguous US for all plans, $9 per box to Canada.

Past Boxes

GreenUP Fall 2021 Unboxing

When we open the box, there are a few inserts telling us about all of the box products and their values and also how we can share the box via social media.

First out is a Hav & Jord Silicone Reusable Bag ($12.00) (similar).

"The average American uses 500 ziplock baggies each year. Not you, this year! This silicone bag has a new ziplock top for ease and a wider bottom to fit more snacks. Freezer safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Also works great for storing and keeping masks clean on the go. So many creative uses!"

I recently bought some reusable ziplock bags and was so stoked...until I found out they melt in the microwave and can't go through the dishwasher. I really like the quality of these and that my family can use them in the same way we used disposables, which will go a long way towards getting everyone on board with the switch.

"Feel confident that you're helping our Mother Earth with our reusable straw and cutlery kit thoughtfully packaged without plastic. Never use single-use plastic straws or cutlery again! The straws and foldable cutlery conveniently travel in a keychain pouch that fits in your back pocket. Take it on the go wherever your busy lifestyle leads you- no excuses! 

Set Includes: 
2x Reusable Stainless Steel Telescopic Straws 
2x Silicone Straw Tips- One gray & One black 
2x Telescopic Cleaning Brushes 
1x Stainless Steel Foldable Spork
1x Stainless Steel Foldable Knife
1x Travel Carrying Bag"

I recently received a reusable cutlery set in another box which introduced the idea of carrying my own cutlery to me but I really love this set; It's so small! The pouch is 5.5"x2.5" and very light. Everything either folds down or telescopes down to fit and it comes with cleaning brushes for the straws, too. It's a winner!

Next out is a J&L Naturals Face Salve in Calm ($16.99).

"From tone perfecting to break out suppressing - this ultra-nourishing Face Salve with CBD is absolutely crucial in your skincare regimen. Made with vitamin-rich ingredients, our custom formula makes sure your skin has just enough moisture for dry spots while also dissolving excess sebum in oily areas."

With dry skin, I love a good balm and this one smells lovely. It also comes packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard tub that can be recycled. 

Next out is an ELM Vegan Beauty Refillable Lip Balm ($14).

"Handmade in New York from organic products grown on the farm! Use as you would regular chap stick When you run out, order the refill, you'll get a biodegradable plastic bag full of chapstick to pour into your original container. The lid is made out of a plant bioplastic and will fully biodegrade in 6 months!"

Sounds great but I had a hard time finding their website. I hope GreenUP provides it to the box customers so that they can order refills.

Next out is a Hav & Jord Stainless & Bamboo Lunchbox ($26.90) (similar).

"All the other lunch boxes wish they looked this good! Reduce waste by ditching plastic containers that will eventually break and end up in the landfill! Food quality stainless steel, leakproof silicone ring, and bamboo lid with strap = perfection. Stainless container is dishwasher safe. Handwash the bamboo lid."

This is a very cute little container and the quality is great. The stainless steel is thick and sturdy and the lid can function as a small plate or cutting board on-the-go. 

Last out is a set of 3 Lotus Mesh Produce Bags ($18).

"Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags for good. Your fruits and veggies will thank you by staying fresher longer!

• 100% organic raw cotton
• Drawstring with wooden-bead closure
• Machine washable for your health and convenience
• Multi-purpose - great for fruits & vegetables, nuts & snacks, packing & travel, storing toys & crafts, washing delicates, and more!"

I've been using reusable produce bags for a while now and the set I have is not nearly as nice as these 100% cotton net bags. Very pretty! They'll come in handy for sure!

So, that was the GreenUP Fall 2021 Box and I think it's a very cool way to continually make the small changes we need to become more waste-free. It came with 6 items and had a value of $107.88! If you're trying to reduce your waste, getting the GreenUP box is a great way to save on reusable, eco-friendly products.

Right now, you can get even more bang for your buck! When you subscribe to the Annual plan, you'll get $50 in Free Gifts! Get that deal here.

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What do you think of GreenUP? What were your favorite items? I love to read your comments!

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