Southern Mom Loves: Norlii October 2021 Unboxing + a 20% Off Coupon! {Scandinavian Home & Lifestyle Subscription Box}

Norlii October 2021 Unboxing + a 20% Off Coupon! {Scandinavian Home & Lifestyle Subscription Box}

Thursday, October 7, 2021

I received a box from Norlii in order to facilitate an unboxing. All opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links. 

I'm back with an unboxing of the Norlii Box for October 2021. Norlii is a bi-monthly Scandinavian subscription box service that curates unique, elegant home decor and lifestyle items to help you get your Hygge on. Check out what was in this box and get your own with an exclusive 20% off coupon code!

About Norlii

Norlii is a Scandinavian subscription box service based in Denmark. They curate authentic Scandinavian home interior and lifestyle items and ship to the US, Canada, EU, and UK. All items are full-sized and from renowned brands. 

You can buy just one box without subscribing for $79.99. If you subscribe to recurring boxes (the subscription service) you save $10 and pay only $69.99 every other month. Shipping is $9.95 per box and you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. 

If you subscribe, you will receive a curated box every other month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) and the retail value of every box is $120 or more. You can also shop from the member's store for past boxes or individual decor items.

Each box is themed and looking at some of their past boxes, you could get glass or stoneware, cooking items, bath & body, food & drink, bedding, or decor. Fun!

What is the Norlii style?

The Scandinavian style is unique and celebrated for the elegant, simple line, high quality, and magnificent coziness we call Hygge. The essential components we love to capture in all boxes are: 
  1. Nature - Nature is present in the Scandinavian interior. Natural materials such as ceramics, wood, wool, cotton, linen, and candles are classics in the Scandinavian interior. Nature looks and feels fantastic.
  2. Simplicity - The simple line design and love for soft textiles help create an elegant and relaxed home. We aim to maintain consistency in the interior style, for an eye-catching and inviting home. We have a passion for the neutral color scheme and high-quality design accessories.
  3. Hygge - The Scandinavian decoration originates from the cold north, and maybe that is why Hygge has become such a gamechanger in Scandinavia. The focus of feeling good is present in every corner of a Scandinavian home: the candlelights, the soft textiles, the comfort foods combined in the stringent clean-lined design. 

Let's unbox it!

It comes nicely packaged with a card on top that gives you details and pricing on each item inside. This box's theme is Nordic Bed & Breakfast. Fun!

First out is a Linen Pillowcase from Ib Laursen ($55 including filler).

"The soft linen adds a luxurious and relaxed look to your home, and the rectangular form makes it perfect for a chair or in your bed."

Next out is the filler:

"Filler is made of natural duck feathers in a thick cotton sleeve, just because they look and feel better than synthetic filling. The fillers are made in Denmark according to high Scandinavian regulations."

Put them together and this is one fluffy, soft, and large pillow! I have received throw pillowcases but never the filler, too. The quality of these items is wonderful and I immediately added this to my bed and I'm in love! It's a little smaller than a standard (US) pillow so it looks great as decor but it's so fluffy you'll want to sleep with it, too. It would also be great as a lumbar pillow on a chair. Fabulous item!

"Serve the freshly-baked bread for breakfast in one of the two beautiful baskets from House Doctor. The baskets come in a set of two with the sizes; 6 cm in height and 16 cm in diameter plus 10 cm in height and 22 cm in diameter. The baskets are named Bowl and are made of seagrass and jute which provide the baskets with a stylish, bohemian look. The upper part of the basket has a nice, black detail that looks like a patterned ribbon."

These are very pretty baskets! The natural seagrass color is set off by a soft black on the top band. I love that they come in a set and they're perfect for toiletries in the bathroom or as fruit bowls in the kitchen. Very nice!

Next out is a 120g jar of Dream of Sweden Swedish Cloudberry Jam ($15).

"Cloudberries are a delicacy in Nordic countries. The berries only grow in the wild and only in Northern climates making them rare and costly but the delicate taste ranging between sweet and somewhat acidy have made the cloudberries popular in the Scandi kitchen."

I've never tasted cloudberry jam but I'm so glad I got the chance. It's a sweet and subtle berry flavor with an aftertaste like honey but with large edible seeds like a passionfruit. It is absolutely delicious!

If you want to try it yourself, they have a 200g jar available for purchase on the Shop page.

Next out is a Natural Horn Jam Spoon from Hornvarefabrikken ($17).

"This horn spoon can be used both for serving or as an egg spoon. Useful for serving mustard or jam, it's also ideal for dipping into your boiled egg."

This horn spoon is so lovely with the natural colors and variations of the material. I found myself reading about how these hand-made horn spoons are produced and honestly, it sounds exhausting. I don't know how they can sell them so inexpensively! This is an heirloom item that should last generations.

Last out is a set of Two Egg Cups by Bitz in Grey ($15).

"Eating soft-boiled eggs is a part of many Scandinavians' morning routine, especially on weekends. These two egg cups are very modern in the style and the reactive glaze gives the egg cups and extra glow."

I've never actually had a soft-boiled egg, so now is the perfect time to give them a try! If you're not an egg lover, just a drop of wax in the bottom would make these into beautiful taper candle holders.

That was the October 2021 Norlii box. This was another fabulous box and I enjoyed every item. We not only got some decor pieces to add coziness but also a few kitchen items and a delicious treat. 

The value of this box was $117 and everything was of excellent quality. I absolutely enjoyed getting this box!

Thanks to Norlii, I've got an exclusive coupon code just for my readers!

Use code Southern20 for 20% off your first box when you subscribe to Norlii here.

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What do you think of Norlii? Are you a Scandinavian decor lover? I love to read your comments!

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