Southern Mom Loves: Ikat Dress Share From My 3rd Stitch Fix Box

Ikat Dress Share From My 3rd Stitch Fix Box

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Under Skies -  Gabrielle Ikat print Fit & Flare Dress via Stitch Fix
Under Skies -  Gabrielle Ikat print Fit & Flare Dress
via Stitch Fix

Has anyone here used Stitch Fix? It's an amazing styling service. You fill out a questionnaire, input all of your various clothing sizes and preferred styles, even submit a Pinterest board, and their stylists will hand-pick clothing and accessories and mail them to you. You try them on, keep what you want, and send the rest back, postage-paid. It's pretty sweet.

This dress: I had to keep it even though it is about 5 inches shorter than I'm comfortable wearing. I'm sure it was cut to be a little longer than mid-thigh, but I've got a large chest and high waist and this combination ensures that my dresses are usually shorter than advertised. I love the colors and the Ikat print though! They sent it to me in the dead of winter and I've been waiting patiently for the first warm day to wear it, and it finally happened! I'm going to have to pick up some navy tights...

Ikat Dress Share From My 3rd Stitch Fix Box

Fine print: You have 3 days once you receive the box to send back what you're not keeping. They charge you a $20 styling fee when they ship out the box, but that comes off of your purchase from that box. They usually send out 5 items: 4 clothing & 1 accessory. You can choose whether or not you want to see any jewelry in your boxes; I opted not to, so I usually get an amazing bag, and once a cute scarf. The prices of the pieces have ranged from $28 to $85 depending on what's sent. So, not bad. The quality has been good, and the pieces are always on-trend. They also give you a HUGE discount off of the entire box; as in: if you like everything in the box, you can get around $75 off if you keep it all. GREAT deal. 

I would love to see them add shoes into the mix. Also, because of my chest, my regular sizes don't always fit if they're cut for an "average" chest size, so I'd love for them to consider that, and maybe add plus sizes too. Right now, I believe they only carry up to a Large, and a size 14 dress.

I only kept 2 (awesome!) pieces from my last box, so I didn't get pics of the rest, but I've scheduled my next box and I'll make sure to share everything in it. I LOVE getting these in the mail! It's like having a mini birthday surprise! You can schedule regular monthly boxes or get boxes just when you want a lift. 

Does you get subscription boxes? Which ones are your favorite?

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