Southern Mom Loves: Make DIY Poo-Pourri! {+ a printable label}

Make DIY Poo-Pourri! {+ a printable label}

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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Hey! Today I have a fun and useful recipe for you: DIY Poo-Pourri! If you've never used Poo-Pourri, it's a spray that you add to your toilet water before you *ahem* go number two? Drop the kids at the pool? Unloose the caboose? It makes a fragrant barrier using essential oils that cuts down on the resulting smells. It's great for your guest bathroom to make your houseguests feel more at ease...when being at ultimate ease.

It's easy to make and I have a DIY version for you below along with some great scent combinations to try out + a printable label!

When it comes to the essential oils in this, you can really use any scent or combination of scents that you prefer. I did do a little searching online to find out the scent notes of some of your fave store-bought Poo-Pourris so that you can try to replicate your faves on your own.

When using oils in a toilet bowl, you don't want a mess left behind. A lot of recipes call for vegetable glycerine, but I use Castile soap. It's easy enough to find and will help keep the oils from building up in your toilet.

You can use plain Castile soap, but I'm using Tea Tree Castile soap for that extra bit of antibacterial cleaning power. It works really well and keeps me from having to scrub the bowl as often!

If you want to make this asap and don't have Castile soap, you can substitute vegetable glycerine or even Dawn dish soap.

Some DIY recipes out there use food coloring so that you can see the "barrier effect", but I wouldn't recommend it. My old porcelain sinks absorb coloring agents and your toilet might also. You can add it in if your toilet is newer and you've tested it (drop in some food coloring and let it set a while). My recipe is a little milky, so you'll be able to see it.

I'm using 16 oz. colored glass spray bottles that I got from Amazon (you can find those here). You can reuse a clean bottle that you already have but make sure that it is opaque to keep your essential oils viable.

If you want to make a smaller batch, you can halve or quarter the recipe easily.

I also made a little label for you if you don't want to make your own. Get that label pdf here, print it out at 100%, then you'll need clear packing tape to adhere it to the bottle.

DIY Poo-Pourri
Source: Southern Mom Loves
Makes: 1-16 oz. bottle



1. Add the castile soap, alcohol, and essential oils to your bottle. I used 20 drops each of lemon, bergamot, lemongrass, and cedarwood.

2. Top off with the water, cap, and shake well.

3. Print and cut out the label.

4. Roll out enough clear tape to cover the label on all sides and lay on a table sticky-side-up. Place the printed side of the label down on the sticky side of the tape.

5. Place the label on the bottle and rub out any air bubbles.

Ta-da! Fast and easy, just how I like my DIYs! I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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Have you ever made your own DIY Poo-Pourri? Will you be trying this one? I love to read your comments!

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