Southern Mom Loves: 7 Secrets to Creating Beautiful Spaces in Your Yard

7 Secrets to Creating Beautiful Spaces in Your Yard

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our homes are our escape, our haven from the crazy pace of the world. We decorate our homes for our comfort, but there's no reason it can’t extend into our outdoor spaces. With the gorgeously warm weather heading our way, I've put together 7 secrets to creating beautiful and inviting spaces in your yard for you and your guests to enjoy all season.

#1 Use Lighting - I love using soft lighting throughout the yard for evening get-togethers (or just the family hanging out). You can string lights on porches, across the fence, and wrapped around trees. To brighten up the food table or dining area, add candles and lanterns. They need not be expensive, sporadically placed mason jars with a votive inside to create a lovely atmosphere for one, two, or a large group.

#2 Comfortable Seating - Offer a variety of seating options for yourself and your guests: a porch swing, hammock, benches, a comfy patio set. You can also create seating with some natural elements: tree stumps, hay bales, logs or large flat rocks. Position your seating areas around the yard for people to break into small groups for intimate conversation. You will need to be sure you have tables and other flat surfaces near your seating for drinks or food to rest on.

#3 Plants and Flowers - This is the most obvious way to make your yard inviting. As long as you have adequate walkway you can’t have too many plants and flowers in my opinion. Tumbling out of hanging in baskets or overflowing from your garden, pops of beautiful color will welcome you every time you step out.

#4 Water Features - Even a small fountain, fish pond, or trickling water feature adds an inviting aspect to your yard. Of course, if you have the time, money, and inclination you can put in a large water feature but you can create your own on the cheap with a liner, a pump, and a water-tight container.

#5 Create Vignettes - Even if you are just styling your yard for your own comfort and taste you can create inviting little nooks and crannies for different uses. Next to the potting shed place vintage watering cans on a table with potted plants inside for color. Set up a cozy and inviting hammock for reading, set a low tree stump within arms reach for a drink.

#6 Shade - Natural or created, a shady spot will offer respite from the sun, privacy, and will give the area the feeling of an outdoor room with a defined space. Trees and vines, if you have them, supply some shade but you may need to add a few more shady areas, especially for parties. Add a tent, a pergola, or several large umbrellas to seating areas.

#7 The Unexpected - Add something unique and unexpected in your yard spaces. Sometimes the thing that becomes your favorite piece in your yard or garden is a touch of the unexpected. An unusual sculpture, a wine barrel water feature, a private dining area, painted bricks as a patio, mosaics in gorgeous glasses, or decorations hanging from the trees can all add to the ambiance of your yard.

I hope this list will help you create the yard of your dreams!


What is your favorite area of your yard? If money were no object, what would you add to your yard? I love to read your comments!

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