Southern Mom Loves: The Poppies Stained Glass Panel | Uncommon Goods Unique Anniversary Gifts

The Poppies Stained Glass Panel | Uncommon Goods Unique Anniversary Gifts

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I received a Poppies Stained Glass Panel in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My husband and I had our 10 year wedding anniversary just a few days ago. It is astonishing to realize how much time has passed; It feels like it's just been a few years. In the spring/summer crush between the kid's birthdays, Mother's and Father's Days, and the various holidays coupled with our work schedules, it feels like I never stop planning events this time of year and our anniversary usually suffers. With this being our 10th, it was important to commemorate it in a special way.

When I was contacted back in April by Uncommon Goods, they asked if I'd like to review something from their Anniversary Gifts collection. It was uncanny timing! I decided to check them out and omigosh guys, this is my new favorite website to shop at! The name really says it all!

They create and carry some of the most unusual products: Artisanal offerings, innovative kitchenware, kits and gifts and just plain fun stuff! Have you seen the Facebook meme about the alarm clock on wheels that hides so you have to find it to turn it off? That's from Uncommon Goods!

If you're looking for Gifts, they have some of the most unique products you could imagine. If you're looking for something sweet and personalized, they've got it. If you're looking for a cool gift for the man in your life, they've got those too.

After browsing their collection, I chose the gorgeous handmade Poppies Stained Glass panel. Keep in mind that these are made to order by an artist, so order early if for a gift.

It arrived well cushioned and in perfect condition, and the workmanship on this piece is outstanding. 

Each piece of colored glass is hand-cut and placed on a glass panel before being grouted in for an amazingly colorful stained glass look that will hold up much better than traditionally made leaded glass panels.

The panel itself measures 21" x 17", so it is good-sized for a stunning decor piece. You simply lean it in a windowsill and you're all set. If you want to mount this from the top of the window frame, you could purchase decorative hooks and chain from a home store and mount this yourself, and I plan on doing this once we're settled into a new home. The frame is thick and sturdy and will hold up well over the years.

This unique piece is a work of art that we can both admire for years to come and that will always remind us of the anniversary of our first 10 years of marriage. 

Check out all of their Anniversary Gifts here. I'm 100% certain you'll find a gift to wow your partner!


Do you have an anniversary coming up? Have you planned your gift yet? Check out Uncommon Goods and let me know what you would like to receive. I love to read your comments!

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