Southern Mom Loves: 10 Great Summer Activities for Teens

10 Great Summer Activities for Teens

Monday, June 20, 2016

Teens are usually very excited for the end of the school year and enjoying the summer vacation, but after a week or two, they’re usually bored and don’t know what to do with themselves. It would be great for them to have something productive to do that also allows them to feel good too. This list of summer activities should give your teen some great (and sometimes lucrative) ideas for filling their free time.

10 Great Summer Activities for Teens

1.  Start a business.  You're never too young to start a successful business. Teenagers are starting new businesses every day, so why not yours?! It’s a great way to make extra money, save for college, and do something productive with their free time.  A few ideas might include a lawn care service, babysitting service or selling products online.

2. Write a book.  Just like starting a business, if you can read and write, you are never too young to become an author.  Don’t believe me, check out Marc Guberti’s author profile on Amazon.  He writes a new, self-published book monthly along with a few blog posts a week to help him sell his books.  With Amazon paying 70% profit to authors selling their ebooks for at least $2.99, that could add up to some quick cash for doing something you love.

3. Plan a fundraiser.  What a great way to give back to the community while filling up some free time! Have your teen choose a charity they feel strongly about and encourage them to plan an event to raise awareness and funds. From selecting a charity to choosing a location, planning food and getting people involved, this will keep them busy as well as build confidence and foster kindness towards others.

4. Invent a new game.  A board game, a card game or something that includes moving parts are all fair game. Inventing something new will keep your teenager's brain active while they're having fun. They can even get siblings or friends involved in this project.

5. Find a new hobby.  Cake decorating, knitting, fishing, dancing, the list can go on and on. Encourage your teen to try something they've always been interested in, but haven’t tried yet. They’ll never know if they really like it until they give it a try.

6. Go exploring.  Search your local area for hiking or biking trails, and encourage your teen to get outside and connect with nature. It reduces stress, and if you do it together, creates great family memories.

7. Help a senior citizen.  Many seniors are lonely because their families are far away, or they are unable to get out. Is there a senior in your neighborhood that could use a little company? Encourage your teen to spend time with them, help them plant a garden, fix a meal, or read to them. Not only will the neighbor be appreciative, but your teen will feel good about themselves as well.

8. Volunteer with younger kids.  Young children look up to teens and want to be like them. Let your teen be a mentor at a summer camp or volunteer to read stories at the local library. This is a great way to give back to the community.

9. Learn to cook.  This is a skill they will use their entire life, so teach them the basics now. Is there a special dish they’ve always wanted to try? Find a cookbook or YouTube channel geared towards teenagers in the kitchen. Put them in charge of making dinner for the family one night a week; This will teach them responsibility as well as a new skill!

10. Create a photo journal.  If your teen likes photography, get them to create a photo journal of their summer activities or one that represents the family. They can find scrapbooking materials at your local craft store. Once they have created a journal they feel proud of, plan a family night to share their great photos.


What does your teenager enjoy doing most? Do you think they'd like to try something on this list? I love to read your comments!

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