Southern Mom Loves: 9 Tips for Traveling Abroad with Children

9 Tips for Traveling Abroad with Children

Monday, June 13, 2016

If you dream of travel but are nervous about traveling abroad with children, it doesn't have to be a big deal. If you’ve never done so before, it’s just a matter of following the right tips to make your travels successful. Check out these 9 tips for traveling abroad with children and start planning your adventures!

9 Tips for Traveling Abroad with Children 

1. Get those passports ready. Yes, even children need to have passports. Before you leave for an overseas trip, make sure every child in your family has a valid passport. You may also need to apply for a tourist visa for each traveler, depending on where you're going. A US passport does not guarantee entry into every country. You can check the US Dept. of State Bureau of Consular Affairs website to find out if a tourist visa is required for your destination country and information on how to obtain one.

2. Share the responsibilities with another adult. Traveling abroad with your children can be exhausting. If possible, try to travel with two adults. Of course, it may be easier if you only have one child to tend to, however, multiple children may require multiple adults. If this isn’t possible, keep reading to find out ways to make do with just one adult.

3. Bring an electronic device. There will most likely be hours and hours of waiting at some point or another when traveling abroad. Come prepared! Bring an electronic for each child if you can. It’s amazing how busy an electronic can keep a child! Movies, games, and any other kid-friendly app will be awesome for your trip abroad. I've written a few posts about keeping your kids occupied that might help. :)




4. Ask questions if you need to. Don’t be shy about asking questions when it comes to traveling abroad, especially since you have children. It teaches your kids that it’s okay to ask for help when they need it.

5. Keep a first aid kit with you. A little piece of advice: bring a small, purse-sized first aid kit with you when you're traveling abroad with children. You never know when an accident will happen, so being prepared is always a good thing. 

6. Talk about safety with your kids. Traveling abroad can be scary for you and for your kids, but you don’t need to let fear ruin your trip. Instead, talk to your kids about safety. What to do if a stranger approaches, where to meet if they get lost, and who to contact if they get into trouble are good starters. Set up a meeting place in every destination, just in case you get separated. Make sure your child knows your name and phone number, along with the country code, if they have to call your phone from an international destination. 

Language barrier hack: When you arrive at your hotel, ask for a hotel business card for each child. Write your name and cell phone number (with US country code) on the back of each and make sure they have it in their pocket at all times. If your child gets lost and can't find you, it's a great last resort. Tell them to show the hotel card to a policeman, a shopkeeper, or a taxi driver, who can contact you (or the hotel if you're not reachable), and get your child back to you quickly. 

This is also a great trick if you don't speak the language and need to catch a taxi back to your hotel. Just show the driver the card and he'll know where to take you.

7. Research the basics laws of the country you are visiting. Try to have at least basic knowledge of the laws of your destination country when you travel. This can help you feel more confident and avoid any mishaps, especially as you travel with kids. 

8. Let loose a little. As a parent who is traveling with your precious children abroad, you're probably a tad nervous, but try to let loose a little. Don’t get stressed out about the little things that are bound to happen. Your travels should be filled with wonder, joy, and amazing adventures. You can be vigilant about safety and still have an amazing time traveling abroad with your kiddos. Make memories, not ulcers. ;)

9. Know when it's time to go. Traveling is exhausting for adults, and sometimes children too. You know your kids best, so when you plan your trip abroad, keep in mind how long you think your kids can deal. You may find a great deal on a three-week adventure package, but if the kids can't hang, you'll have a miserable time.
When it comes to traveling abroad with children, you'll get the most experience by actually doing it, but these tips will definitely help. Enjoy your trip!


Do you have any tips to add? I’d love to hear any insights or experience you have had while traveling abroad with your children. 

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