Southern Mom Loves: Got Guests? Construct a Holiday Bath Tissue Holder!

Got Guests? Construct a Holiday Bath Tissue Holder!

Monday, December 12, 2016

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With the hosting to come, my guest bathroom could use a little sprucing up for the holidays. It's a 50's creation tiled entirely in jade green, so the usual red & green holiday decor just won't work in there. I also really needed a place to stash those extra bath tissue rolls, so I decided to make one. I'll show you my decor ideas and just how you can make this cute holiday gift bath tissue holder for your own powder room. Keep scrolling to see that DIY!

The entire bathroom is jade green with white and chrome fixtures. It was last remodeled in the 50's (we live in a Century home) but I loved it as soon as I saw it! It's very mid-century modern, but because of the color scheme, it's hard to decorate. Silvers and blues are my go-to for this space, so I pulled in a few Holiday decor items from Target to make it a bit more homey for my guests.

One of the easiest decor tricks is to fill a large vase with interesting objects. In this case I used some pretty ornaments that complimented the existing color scheme.

I also pulled in a scented oil reed diffuser in a pretty holiday scent. They're perfect for small rooms and will keep them well scented for a long period of time.

Since there's not much space in this room, I needed an additional solution for those extra bath tissue rolls. I need to keep it stocked for guests, but where to put them?

This is my solution! It's a pretty focal point done in a gorgeous bronze/copper glitter paper and wide white satin ribbon.

DIY Holiday Gift Bath Tissue Holder

I'll show you how I constructed the perfect-sized box from scratch (it's easy!) from a single foamcore board and decorated it to coordinate with my own bathroom space.

  • 1- 20"x30" white Foamcore board
  • measuring tape
  • a pen or pencil
  • large ruler or yardstick
  • box cutter or Exacto knife
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • thick holiday wrapping paper
  • holiday ribbon
  • transparent tape (or glue if using thick glitter wrapping paper like mine)
  • a stapler

Making the box sides:

First, I measured 4 rolls of Quilted Northern Mega Rolls to make sure I made the perfect-sized box (and my guests won't run out!)

My measurements for the box walls (width, depth, height) are 5-1/2"x 5-1/2"x 16-1/2".

You'll need to put your foamcore on a surface that you can't cut into with your box cutter and gather your large ruler (to run the box cutter along), box cutter, pen, and duct tape and scissors.

If you imagine the box walls laid out flat, you will see 4 tall rectangles in a row. Each of these rectangles needs to be 5-1/2" wide by 16-1/2" tall. 

1. Start in the bottom corner of the foamcore board and make marks along the long side every 5-1/2" until you mark out 4 panels. Measure up along the short sides 16-1/2" and mark. Put your long ruler at the top of the two 16-1/2" marks (making sure they're squared off and accurate) and make your top 5-1/2" panel marks. 
2. Connect the dots and you will now have 4 panels drawn out on your foamcore board. 
3 & 4. Using the box cutter and a long ruler, cut out the large rectangle shape.
5. Use the box cutter and a long ruler to score along the 3 vertical lines about halfway through the foamcore. (ONLY CUT THROUGH THE TOP LAYER, NOT ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH!) 
6. Apply pressure to the score lines to snap them. You will now have a large rectangle with 3 hinges, giving you 4 sides of a box.
7 & 8. Use duct tape to attach the open sides to each other, and then along the other hinges to help reinforce them.

Making the box bottom:

The foamcore board is pretty thick, and we want the box bottom to come all of the way out to the outer edges of the foamcore box we made.

My measurement for the box bottom is 5-15/16"x 5-15/16" square.

1. First make sure this is the right measurement for your material thickness. Adjust if needed.
2. Measure and mark onto a piece of the remaining foamcore board.
3. Cut it out with the box cutter.
4. Set it on your box walls.
5 & 6. Tape it down with the duct tape.

Making the box lid:

Since the lid needs to be wider than the box, we'll make the sides of the lid first.

My measurement for the lid sides is 5-15/16"x 5-15/16", the same as our box bottom. I'm making my lid 1-1/2" high.

1. Measure and mark the 4 panels of the lid sides (just like we did for the box sides) onto the long piece of the remaining foamcore board.
2. Cut it out with the box cutter, then score the panels just as we did before.
3. Tape it together with the duct tape and reinforce all 4 hinges with tape.
4. It should fit over the box snugly.

Now we'll measure the box with the lid sides on. We want the top of the lid to come all of the way to the edges of the box sides.

My measurement for the lid top is 6-5/16"x 6-5/16".

1. Measure and mark onto a piece of the remaining foamcore board.
2. Cut it out with the box cutter.
3. Set it on your lid walls.
4. Tape it down with the duct tape.

Congrats! You now have a complete, fully functional lidded box!

And now for the fun part!

I had a blast picking out paper for this and I found a gorgeous glitter paper that went perfectly with my decor. You want to make sure you pick a high-quality "thick" wrapping paper.

If you choose regular paper, just use the clear tape that you would normally use to wrap gift with. My paper is embedded thickly with glitter and tape won't adhere to it, so I'm using my trusty Mod Podge to bring it all together. First, wrap the bottom.

1. Cut your wrapping paper to fit and position one edge along the open top of the box.
2. Tape (or glue) down the seam along the center of a panel. We can cover the seam up with our ribbon later.
3. Leave a 1/2" overhang around the bottom of the box and clip into all 4 corners of the paper.
4. Tape (or glue) each side of the overhang down, overlapping them as you go.

Now let's wrap the lid!

1. Cut your wrapping paper square to fit around the lid sides so that they overlap about 1/2" to the inside of the lid.
2. Wrap 2 sides in and clip at the corners to bring the paper to the inside. Tape or glue down.
3. Fold the remaining 2 edges in like you would normally finish the sides of a gift.
4 & 5. Tape (or glue) those sides and bring them into the inside of the box, securing the ends.
6. You now have a fully papered lid!

Finish with ribbon.

I'm using a stapler to attach the ribbon sandwiching one edge, wrapping it around the bottom, bringing it up to sandwich the opposite edge, and stapling it in place. Do that for each side of the box and box lid.

You can go a step further and add a large bow to the top, but considering my decor in that bathroom, I wanted to keep it streamlined.

Enjoy your new DIY Holiday Gift Bath Tissue Holder! 


Do you need a bathroom makeover for the holidays? What are your favorite ways to decorate? I love to read your comments!

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