Southern Mom Loves: Have Fun with Holiday Finger Puppets


Have Fun with Holiday Finger Puppets


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Today, I have another fun finger puppet craft to keep those little fingers happy: Holiday Finger Puppets! These are so simple, even the youngest kids can make and play with them. Imagine all of the characters they can create! Have fun with it!


  • Assorted colors of craft felt

  • Googly eyes

  • Craft or hot glue


1. Begin by creating the base or body of your puppet. For the tree you will use green felt, for the candy cane we used white felt. For the candy cane, cut out a horseshoe shape with a rounded top and flat bottom. For Christmas tree, we opted for more of a triangle shape. No matter how you choose to shape the puppet, ideally you want the shape to fit the shape of your child’s finger.

2. For each puppet you will cut out two of these base shapes that are identical to each other. You want the puppet to have a front and a back.

3. Use your glue to make a strip along the perimeter of one piece of felt. DO NOT put any glue along the flat end. This is where your finger goes in so you want to keep it open.

4. Place the matching piece of felt on top so the two pieces line up. Press together and hold until secure.

5. You can now start embellishing your puppets and bringing them to life. For the candy cane we cut out a red cane shape and added white felt strips for the candy stripes. A pair of googly eyes glued on brought it to life. For the Christmas tree, we made tiny felt circles for ornaments and of course a star on top. A pair of googly eyes brought the tree to life as well.

Your crafting felt and scissors are all you need to create these simple embellishments. As you can see with both puppets, you have the freedom to create various shapes and colors to bring Christmas tree and candy cane alive. 

Now, just allow all pieces to dry. Then, slide over fingers for some puppet fun!


Do you have kids to keep busy during the holiday break? Will you be making these finger puppets? I love to read your comments!

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