Southern Mom Loves: The Top 10 Fitness Essentials for the New You

The Top 10 Fitness Essentials for the New You

Saturday, January 7, 2017

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

When I decided to start my own fitness journey this year, I assumed I was going it alone, but many of you have told me that you're starting your own journeys too. You may already have a wishlist of fitness essentials a mile long but I want to share some of the best, most helpful products I found (or use, or just plain want) with you. My method is research then shop, because who wants to waste money on things they won't use? The keyword here is essentials, whether you like to run, walk, or hit the gym. I hope you find something to help you out along the way!

#1 Reusable Water Bottle

It doesn't matter which you get, as long as you have a way to hydrate yourself throughout the day. I would look for a shatterproof plastic bottle with a good seal since you won't want it leaking in your bag. If you're not a fan of drinking water, you could look for an infuser bottle that you can use to flavor your water naturally with fruits.

There is even a water bottle with a built-in sprayer to help you cool off.

#2 Running Belt

Too cool for a fanny pack? Yes, yes you are. The newest way to keep your items with you is a running belt. You can stash your essentials and it lays flat under your clothing. Also, have you ever tried jogging with a bouncing fanny pack? Yeah, me neither. o_o

#3 Activity Tracker
Technology has become an amazing ally in getting fit. These mind-blowing little trackers can work as pedometers, estimate how many calories you've burned, connect to an app to help you optimize your movements, track your sleeping patterns and wake you at the optimal time, measure your heart rate and help you stay in the zone for optimal impact, and so much more.

#4 Wrist/Ankle Weights

If you're looking for a way to boost your everyday activities, strap on some ankle and/or wrist weights. It can help make that grocery store trek into a fat-burning excursion.

#5 Fitness and Nutrition Journal
Journals can be a great way of keeping track of all of that fitness and nutrition info that you really should keep track of, but have a hard time remembering because, let's face it, we're freakin' busy. I can't even remember where I leave my car half of the time.

#6 Earbuds

Yes, you can use any kind of earbuds with your iPod or phone to listen to music while you workout, but you'll soon find that those long cords get tangled and you may ruin a few pair before you start checking out other types. They make earbuds now that are designed to stay put and stay out of your way.
If you want to get fancy, there are bluetooth models now that are completely cord-free.

#7 Gym Bag & Toiletry Kit

You can use just about any kind of bag as a gym bag, no need to be fancy, you just need a way to carry and store your gear. Mesh for venting those stinky, sweaty clothes and shoes are a plus.

You can also put together your own toiletry kits with a zippered bag and products from the travel-sized section on the cheap, but I'm linking one up to help you see what you might want to look for. Or grab one of these if you don't have time for that.

*Check out my last post here to see my recommendations on what to pack in your gym bag.*

#8 Stability Ball Kit

I got a kit years ago with a stability ball, hand weights, and a yoga mat, and it was one of the best (and cheapest) fitness investments I've made. I've used these items so many times in the last few years that they've become my essentials. I can use these three items in multiple exercise combinations to get in a quick workout whenever I can grab a few minutes. Plus, if you have problems with your back, a stability ball will help you get in those sit-ups and crunches without the pain.

#9 Shakeweight

Yes, we've all seen the SNL infomercial, and they nailed it, but this weight is no joke. This one is actually on my to-get list because of a friend's recommendation. She loves it, it worked like gangbusters for her, and she can do it anytime during the day. Well, almost. If you're easily embarrassed, I might look for some privacy first.

#10 Journey Gym

This one is on my list as well for travel and those days I just can't get to a gym. I've seen this recommended over and over and it looks like a fantastic all-in-one resistance workout that folds up and packs away easily.

Bonus: Massage Chair
This one is a bonus pick because you don't really use it for fitness per se, but it would be amazing to have after a workout. This is on my "dreams" list. There are some super-expensive, luxe models, but also some "under $800" models that have back massage, leg massage, heat, and lots of cool settings.

I hope this list helps you get into a healthy routine this year!


Did you make a 'get fit' resolution this year? How are you doing so far? Is there anything that you would add to my list? I love to read your comments!

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